Volunteer opportunities with Atma in Mumbai India

Atma Volunteer Opportunity in Mumbai India

Atma is a not-for-profit organisation leading sustainable development in the Indian education space. It has a number of volunteer opportunities through which you can contribute your skills to enriching the work of the organisations that Atma works with.

You can also read about Beth’s experience with Atma and how her internship led to full-time employment with the organisation.


Who is Atma?

Atma provides intensive support to not-for-profit education organisations and social enterprises across India.

Atma focuses on delivering capacity building programs and assistance to selected education not-for-profits to assist them with program delivery and make them more sustainable and impactful organisations. It does so through hands-on guidance and access to the diverse expertise of Atma’s respected staff and volunteers.

Since 2007, Atma has supported 24 education not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises and in doing so has touched the lives of over 25,000 underprivileged children and youth. Its work has been well recognised in India and internationally. In 2012, Atma’s humble founder, Hayley Bolding, was named Victorian Young Australian of the Year for her work in establishing and growing the organisation.


How can I volunteer?

Atma is a popular and reliable option for Australians seeking volunteer/internship experiences in India. Atma offers a number of volunteer opportunities for students and professionals but does so with the following disclaimer:

“We do not offer you an opportunity to change the world. We only offer volunteering opportunities. Everything else just happens.”

This symbolises Atma’s practical approach to volunteer placements. Atma endeavours to match your skills and experience with the right projects and organisations, so that both you and the organisations Atma works with gets the most out of your work.

You will be interested in a volunteer role at Atma, if you want to:

  • pursue a career in the development sector
  • learn how things work at the grass-root level
  • experience India from a not-for-profit perspective
  • test your abilities and discover what you can achieve in India.

What you need to know about expenses

Volunteer opportunities with Atma are unpaid roles. In fact, the majority of Atma’s work is thanks to its network of volunteers.

Volunteering in India can be tricky, especially if you haven’t been to India before. Atma has a lot of experience in this area, having hosted over 250 volunteers since 2007. To help you get the most out of the experience, Atma offers a selection of support options to help you settle in quickly. The support options include:

  • assistance finding accommodation ($200)
  • airport pick up ($25)
  • local simcard set up ($25).

How to apply

Applications are open to talented candidates with a strong desire to work in the development sector.

Atma has a list of volunteer opportunities available on their website, which you can apply for directly when available.

Atma also encourages you to submit general applications throughout the year. If the team likes your profile, there is a high chance of them finding a suitable project for you to work on.

Previous volunteers have come from around the world with a variety of different backgrounds and skill sets. Applications have been accepted from students, consultants, teachers, lawyers, doctors, accountants, pilots and even jugglers, so Asia Options is told.

Specific roles have their own criteria, dates and application stages, while general applications will be assessed based on the applicant and current and future projects. You can sign-up for volunteer opportunities via Atma’s website. If you have further inquires, don’t hesitate to send them an email.


Check out Beth’s experience with Atma and how her internship led to full-time employment.


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