Virtual Internship Opportunities In India

With the COVID-19 pandemic, internships have been postponed or canceled. However, despite being in isolation, there is an opportunity to do your internship online.

There are multiple positives to doing an online internship compared to the traditional internship such as being able to work in an environment that suits you, as well as gaining experience in the new technology age by using a variety of software and platforms.

Why not enhance your resume with an internship with an Indian organisation from the comfort of your own home? Here are four organisations and platforms offering virtual internships.


While some platforms require you to pay a fee to be placed as an intern with an organisation, HelloIntern is a free platform for students to search for internships across India, including virtually.

Offering opportunities to work for large organisations, startups and not-for-profit organisations such as WWF and Viber, HelloIntern is the one stop platform for all your virtual internship needs. They offer different internship opportunities based on what you are studying from marketing, mobile app development and research & development so it does appeal to a wide range of degrees.


A dot com business with the heart of a dot org, Internshala has been featured in The Indian Times and Forbes Asia. It is a platform for students to search for their next internship – either in India or virtual. It offers a range of internship fields including HR, finance, civil engineering, science and law internships.

The platform has a simple way to browse through internships with filters for working from home or length of the internship, it is a simple way to find a new opportunity with a great organisation with a possibility to work with them in the future.

Brookings India

Before COVID-19, Brookings India offered their internship at their New Delhi site. However, their internship is now available online.

With a focus on international affairs, climate change, economic development and technology, and innovation, Brookings is a not-for-profit organisation that focuses on independent policy-relevant research affecting India and the world. Although established in 2013, the organisation has produced the most thought-provoking ideas. The internship program goes for 6-8 weeks.


Twenty19 is a unique internship search platform where not only you can find the perfect internship but a place where you can upskill too. From ‘must-have’ skills such as resume writing and excel for beginners, Twenty19 knows that students are thrown into the job market after university without the basic skills that working professionals take for granted. Twenty19 has been featured in The Times of India and The Hindu.

Once international travel is allowed, students can undertake internships around India from Hyderabad to Delhi and everywhere in between.

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Sinead Simpkins

Sinead has graduated from a Bachelor of International Studies at Western Sydney University and a Graduate Diploma in International Relations at Macquarie University and a Master of Arts at the University of New England. Sinead has worked and volunteered at NGOs and Government departments. She first went to India on a New Colombo Plan scholarship in 2017, undertaking a two-week study tour. Since learning from her classes and her study tour of India, Sinead loves what India has to offer.

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