Victoria India Internship Program

The Australia India Institute’s (AII) Victoria India Internship Program is your chance to intern at an Indian company operating in India or in Victoria. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain important professional skills in your area of interest and benefit from invaluable international experience, helping you learn more about the Indian market, business culture in India, or how Indian companies operate internationally.

The internship program is open to Australian and international students who have studied at a Victorian tertiary institution (university or TAFE).


About the Internship Program

The AII facilitates ten placements in India and five in Victoria with relevant and high-performing organisations. The internships will run for a minimum six weeks (or part-time equivalent). The Victoria-based internships are based in Melbourne.

Potential fields of the internships include business, marketing, communications, project management, international relations, journalism, sports management, supply chain management and IT.


What does the AII or your the host organisation assist you with?

The AII will organise the internships for you and provide a pre-departure orientation and induction program prior to accepting internships. It will also help monitor the progress of your internships on a regular basis as well as ensure ground support, pastoral duty of care for interns and any troubleshooting assistance.

You will need to organise your own accommodation, travel costs to India or Melbourne, visa, insurance and pay for your living expenses while you’re there.

Internships may not be remunerated. This will be determined by the organisation you intern with.

For more information about what it’s like interning in India check, out Asia Options’ India Getting Started Page. We’ve got tips on finding accommodation, the best India cities to study, work and live and personal accounts of interning in Delhi or interning in Bengaluru.

How to apply

The AII asks that you submit your CV and an expression of interest letter outlining why you would like to take part in the internships program.

Applications for the 2017-2018 summer internships close at 5pm AEST Monday 18 September. Visit the Australia India Institute website for full details.


For advice, read about previous interns’ experiences and what they gained from the program:


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