UNDP India Internship Programme

Photo Credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith / DFID
Photo Credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith / DFID


The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) India Internship Programme is offered each year to Indian and foreign students to gain experience working on important development programs across India. The UNDP India is a leading organisation in its field and the internship program is highly sought after and valued.


The United Nations Development Program

The UNDP India undertakes policy work and delivers projects in crisis management, energy, environment, governance, health, poverty reduction and social empowerment.

It supports India to reach the Millennium Development Goals and the development goals articulated by the Indian Government. Its aim is to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged and marginalised women and men in India.


The UNDP India Internship Programme

The UNDP India Internship Programme is offered twice a year, in March and October, for a duration of six weeks to six months, based in the UNDP India Country Office in New Delhi.

The UNDP places emphasis on providing a valuable experience for its interns. To ensure interns have provided a high level of support and supervision, the UNDP explains that it only offers a limited number of internships each round.

The primary aim of the program is to provide you with an experience that complements your study or research. In this regard, the UNDP endeavours to match your skills and interest with the current needs of its operations in India.

As an intern with the UNDP you will:

  • gain experience with a highly respected organisation in the field of international development
  • gain a deep understanding and knowledge of the UNDP’s work, goals and principles as well as key development issues in India
  • provide valuable assistance to the UNDP India office in a way that reflects your specialisation in a professional field.


Things you need to know

The UNDP only offers unpaid internships. This means you will need to cover all travel and living expenses while you are there.

Prerequisites for the program are that you must be:

  • enrolled in a Master’s or Ph.D. level program in a graduate school/university
  • fluent in English
  • able to obtain the necessary visas and arrange travel to New Delhi

If accepted into the program you will need to arrange your own visa and travel. To assist you with the visa application, the UNDP will provide you with an appropriate letter of acceptance to the internship program.

You are also required to show proof that you have full medical insurance for the duration of the internship, as the UNDP does not provide this.


How to apply

The UNDP offers two rounds of internships, one in March and one in October each year.

To apply, download an internship application form from the UNDP India website. A few other things you will need to include in the application are:

  • your Curriculum Vitae with contact details of two referees
  • UNDP Internship Agreement Form
  • the Medical and Life Insurance policy you will be covered by for the length of the internship
  • proof of a valid passport and that you are eligible for the appropriate visa
  • proof that you can support yourself for the duration of the internship

In your application, the UNDP India is primarily looking for what you intend to achieve through the internship and how it will assist your postgraduate study or research. Have a think about what your academic goals are, your proposal for your current or future research and how interning with the UNDP will help you achieve these.

All applications are reviewed by an internal committee in the relevant country office, so take care to familiarise yourself with the work of UNDP India.


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