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Ever thought about interning with the United Nations in China?

The UNDP China Internship Program offers a small group of outstanding graduates the opportunity to acquire experience working as interns in the United Nations Development Program. Through this program, UNDP aims to:

  • provide a framework by which students from diverse academic backgrounds may be assigned to different units, where their educational experience can be enhanced through practical work assignments;
  • expose them to an international environment;
  • expose them to work of the Organization with the objective of deepening their knowledge and understanding of UNDP’s goals, principles and activities; and
  • Provide UNDP China office with the assistance of qualified students specialized in various professional fields.

At present UNDP offer internships in the following areas: Climate Change, Social Economic Cooperation, South-South, Global Issues, Energy and Environment, Poverty/Equity and Governance, Coordination, Communications, Partnership and Resource Mobilization, Operations, Human Resources, Finance, Procurement and Administration, IT Support.


Under the programme, interns will work in the UNDP Country Office and/or UNDP Project Offices assisting in:

  • conducting research;
  • drafting and consolidating documents;
  • collecting and cataloguing information;
  • assisting in the organization of conferences, forums or other collaborative events; and
  • drafting knowledge products/best practices

While some routine functions may be components of internship assignments, they are intended to be rewarding experiences that compliment advanced studies. Providing an opportunity to make substantive contributions to an office’s work is an essential requirement for offices requesting interns. They cannot be used to replace support staff or conduct purely support functions.


Candidates for the Internship must meet the following requirements:


  • Enrolled in a graduate level degree program, or
  • Undergraduate with a confirmed place at graduate school;
  • Majoring in a development-related field such as economics, international relations, social development, public policy, business and/or public administration, energy & environment, disaster risk management, political science, communications, finance, human resources and others (specific thematic focus in one or more of UNDP’s practice areas would be preferred) at the time of application and during the internship; and
  • Have not graduated prior to the beginning of the internship.



  • Fluency in English (oral and written) is a core requirement. Proficiency in Chinese is desirable;
  • Computer literate in standard software applications;
  • Demonstrated keen interest in the work of the UN, and of UNDP in particular, and a personal commitment to UNDP’s Statement of Purpose  and to the ideals of the UN Charter; and
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully interact with individuals of different cultural backgrounds and beliefs, which include willingness to try and understand and be tolerant of differing opinions and views.



  • 3 months to 6 months, part-time or full-time (8 hours/day, 5 days/week).

Financial Considerations

  • The internship programme operates on a non-remunerative basis. The subsistence and travel costs connected with the internship programme must be borne by interns or by other institutions. Interns are responsible for arranging their own travel to Beijing and accommodation there.
  • If work-related travel within the country is requested by UNDP during the internship period, per diem and travel costs shall be paid by UNDP.
  • UNDP accepts no responsibility for the medical insurance of the intern or costs arising from accidents and illness incurred during an internship. Applicants for internship must show proof of medical insurance coverage valid for Beijing.

To find out more about interning with UNDP and to apply please see the UNDP Internship in China site.


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