The empowering thrill of studying abroad in Asia

Higher education is an adventure and a lesson that not everyone takes on, but that those who do, feel more enriched and enlivened by. There is a lot to be said about the experience of furthering one’s education with the goal in mind of enhancing their specific career prospects in the future. Through higher education, students learn a world of new information and exciting experiences. And while it might be difficult to imagine how it gets better than that, the notion of studying abroad makes it better in practically every way.

There are so many destinations that students can travel to as they engage and embrace abroad study. And while all these destinations have their charms and their magic, there is something to be said about giving a chance to the less-renowned destinations for student travellers. Asia, for example, is one of the most expansive and incredible regions of the modern world. Equally as beautiful and exciting as Europe, the United States, Africa, or Australia (to name a few examples), Asia is also a world entirely unique within itself, and it has much to offer.

The unique experience of studying and travelling through Asia simultaneously

Travelling is always exciting, but studying abroad is an experience entirely unique and unparalleled. There are many places to study abroad throughout the world, but perhaps one of the most is the islands of Asia. Students who opt to study abroad in Asia enter a world that is unlike any other, anywhere else. During the week, students can study in their rooms or in one of the many device-friendly spaces throughout Asia’s many islands, and on the weekends and during semester breaks, they can take off to explore new islands and sights.

The thrill of taking off to explore Asia during your personal time

On your weekends and semester breaks you can take off to the Asian countries and islands you have not yet explored (think Bali, Komodo National Park, Lombok, and the many Nusa islands, for example), or you can take off to islands elsewhere in the world (think the Caribbean, the Bahamas, etc) to travel through the islands. There is so much to love about overseas study, and in Asia, the best part is that you can hike one day, and be diving off some of the world’s most beautiful underwater wrecks the next. Asia really does have it all, and at a fraction of the price that Europe or the United States offers up abroad study.

The unparalleled nature of real-world experience in the bustle and beauty of Asia

There is something to be said about the empowering nature that comes hand in hand with gaining real-world experience, while you are travelling the world. While of course every new destination in the world can offer this, Asia offers it in a way that humbles and impresses all. Students learn the value of being appreciative for what you have (as much of Asia is far less materialistically wealthy than other regions of the world), for being grateful to be alive (Asian islands and the like are renowned for the kindness of their people), and to live in the moment…what more could you possibly want from an overseas study experience (or from any experience in life, for that matter)?

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Anton Lucanus is a New Colombo Plan Scholar who has lived, studied and worked in Indonesia and Singapore since 2014. He is the Co-founder and CEO of Neliti, a software platform that helps Indonesian universities create digital libraries.

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