This is your roadmap to opportunities in Taiwan.

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Taiwan is the often-overlooked younger sibling of its larger neighbour, mainland China. While China is praised as the land of opportunity and adventure, Taiwan (no doubt thanks to its perilous political situation) is sometimes forgotten, confused, or ignored. But as any visitor would confirm, Taiwan certainly packs a punch for its small size! Want to learn Mandarin but does the pollution in China put you off? Taiwan has fresh air and mountain treks just a 30-minute subway ride away from the bustling city. And if you don’t want to use a VPN – Taiwan’s free media and easy communication just might be your ticket.

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Taiwan has a lot to discover and is ready to share with you all it has to offer if you are ready to take the plunge.

Taiwan is a fantastic place to study and in this section, we will even do our best to convince you that studying in Taiwan should be your first choice destination!

Learning Mandarin Chinese

Although traditional characters may seem daunting, Taiwan offers an excellent environment to delve into learning Mandarin, whilst enjoying fresh air and the opportunity to discuss free media topics in Mandarin.

It also pays to take the time to carefully consider your options when deciding to study in Taiwan. There are many factors to take into account, the first being whether to enrol in a university or a private institution. Here the Asia Options team have created a Chinese Language Program Review for Taiwan section to help point you in the right direction.

Click here for the full overview of Mandarin language programs

Furthermore, each year the National Taiwan University holds the Global Initiatives Symposium (GIS Taiwan), a forum for youth to debate current issues.

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Once you’re set on flying over, you can begin your research here on scholarships and post-graduate opportunities.


For Aussie students, there’s no going past the Government’s New Colombo Plan scholarship programs.

The Taiwanese Government via the Huayu Scholarship program offers generous scholarships for studying Chinese as well as completing degree programs.

For more on Australia’s most prestigious scholarship program in Asia, the New Colombo Plan, be sure to look through our extensive tips and insights here.

Also, make sure to see our useful 10 important tips for successful applications.


There are a number of opportunities available for people looking to undertake an internship in Taiwan. Most prominent are the opportunities related to international business, although opportunities with think-tanks and government organisations are also available.


Working in Taiwan is an excellent way to fully immerse yourself in the local culture. The working culture is quite different from that in countries such as Australia, so be prepared to adapt to your new environment! Having said that, it is notoriously difficult for foreigners to find non-teaching jobs and internships in Taiwan.

Job boards

  • 104 – a Taiwanese job search website (Chinese only) Tip: Enter ENGLISH into the job search box to narrow your search down to jobs where English is a requirement (i.e. teaching jobs).
  • 1111 – a Taiwanese job and internships search website (Chinese only)
  • Working in Taiwan (Facebook) – work and internships in Taiwan
  • Forumosa (expat site)

Accommodation Advice

Taiwan is a relatively easy place to find accommodation. If you are a student at a university there is a chance that you can stay in one of the dorms. It is also a good way to meet other international students and provides a feeling of community.

If you decide to rent an apartment the most commonly used website is 591. Although this is in Chinese only, there is a wide selection including studios, shared accommodation and houses.. For more information on finding an apartment in Taiwan, this blog is by far one of the best English language resources on finding an apartment in Taiwan.  Otherwise, this Facebook group is also an excellent resource with reasonable prices and all information in English. It is particularly useful for finding flatmates and taking over leases.

Mentors & Peers

Outside of experiencing it for yourself, the best way to get a sense of Taiwan is through the eyes of others who have lived it. Check out our in-depth discussions with some of these people here.