GIS Taiwan

Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan (GIS Taiwan)

The GIS Taiwan is organised by students from the National Taiwan University (NTU), Taiwan’s highest ranked university. The symposium hopes to gather together youth leaders from around the world to discuss and debate current events and to put forward their … Read More

Indonesia In Action

  The Indonesia-Australia relationship is extremely important. However, lately it seems as though each month brings fresh controversies highlighting the troubled nature of the national government-to-government relationship. The 2015 Lowy Institute Poll claims that Australians’ feelings towards Indonesia are the … Read More

What you need to know about applying for the Australia India Youth Dialogue (AIYD)

  Each year, the Australia India Youth Dialogue (AIYD) gets bigger and better, bringing young Australian and Indian leaders in their fields together and helping to find innovative ways to strengthen the partnership between Australia and India. If you have a strong … Read More