A Quick Guide to Housing in Japan [UPDATED 2022]

Japan is home to some of the most densely populated cities in the world, making the process of home hunting difficult and daunting. From language barriers to steep pre-deposits and high living costs, Japan’s housing system presents many barriers to … Read More

3 Reasons to Study in Rural Japan

With COVID restrictions in place in Japan preventing international travel and exchange opportunities for almost two years, there have been glimmers of hope for change. For those of you who anticipate an exchange in Japan, you may have considered undertaking … Read More


Unlocking Sports Opportunities in Japan

If you are a student-athlete who plans to pursue your sport at the highest level during your university years, chances are you’re quick to pit the US as your number one destination. But before you jump the gun on the … Read More

3.11 Ken Watanabe NHK doco

10 Years On: Impressions of NHK’s 3.11 Special, “A Compassionate View: The decade since the Great East Japan Earthquake”.

NHK’s new documentary: “A Compassionate View: The decade since the Great East Japan Earthquake”, presents a poignant depiction of the way life has recovered in the 10 years since the massive earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, or as … Read More

Picture with Furukawa Motohisa and Tyson Mauk

My Unforgettable Experience Working In The Japanese Diet During COVID-19

Tyson was one of two fellows apart of the Australian National Universities’ National Parliamentary Fellowship Program. The program saw him working within the Japanese Diet in both the Opposition and Ruling Parties as he researched Japanese Foreign Policy. The program, … Read More

Essential tips for taking photos in Japan

Japan offers beautiful opportunities for photo-taking, be it vibrant cherry blossoms in spring, colourful fireworks in summer or glistening snow-capped mountains in winter. Japan is generally tolerant of photography, but there are however many places where photographs should not be … Read More

Interview with JET Programme Coordinator for International Relations: Leianne Chen

Every year young people come from around the world to work in Japan as a part of the JET program. The JET Programme, an initiative by the Japanese government, aims to promote grass-roots international exchange between Japan and other nations. … Read More

Pocket Wi-Fi or Sim Card? Choosing the right way to connect with Japan

Anyone’s first day in the big and bustling city of Tokyo is without a doubt daunting. Trying to understand that spaghetti maze they call the subway is the first hurdle. Then, the next is navigating it all while millions of … Read More