Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) – How to Get Involved

The Australia Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) is an independent youth-led organisation with a vision to connect young Indonesians and Australians to each other and Australia-Indonesia related opportunities. AIYA has active chapters in every Australian state and territory and maintains a … Read More

Indonesia In Action

  The Indonesia-Australia relationship is extremely important. However, lately it seems as though each month brings fresh controversies highlighting the troubled nature of the national government-to-government relationship. The 2015 Lowy Institute Poll claims that Australians’ feelings towards Indonesia are the … Read More

“Indonesia-crazy” Emma Roberts on why you should learn Indonesian

Anyone who knows me today would describe me as “Indonesia-crazy” and they have good reason to do so; I travel to Indonesia more often than anywhere else and when I’m not here, I spend most of my time telling everyone … Read More