ACICIS: in-country study programs

Introduction to ACICIS In this article Nicholas Metherall & Harry Roache-Wilson give you the lowdown on the Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies (ACICIS).  Within the realm of Australia–Indonesia relations, ACICIS has become a key authoritative institution. Indeed, ACICIS has pioneered the … Read More

“Indonesia-crazy” Emma Roberts on why you should learn Indonesian

Anyone who knows me today would describe me as “Indonesia-crazy” and they have good reason to do so; I travel to Indonesia more often than anywhere else and when I’m not here, I spend most of my time telling everyone … Read More

The Great Wall of Indonesia (Indonesia study visa)

Photo courtesy of Matt Davies An Indonesia study visa has widely been understood as one of the main obstacles preventing students from studying in Indonesia. Recently one Asia Options community member asked about research permission and other visas for study.   … Read More