NAILA 2018: Let’s Talk About Diversity (tips for competitors and volunteers)

I’m sure all of you have heard about NAILA, right? Asia Options has a number of articles on NAILA including an interview article with past winner, Catherine Coyne, and an overview article by executive committee member Maighdlin Doyle.

Following its success for the past three years, the National Australia Indonesia Language Awards, or NAILA, returns for its fourth edition. NAILA is an initiative of the Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA), founded with the aim of rewarding and fostering the development of and rewarding high achievement in Indonesian language learning in Australia.

The program is open to Australians and Australian citizens and permanent residents of all ages, as well as Indonesians studying a postgraduate degree in Australia. NAILA encourages applications for across the following Award Categories:
1. Primary (Prep-Grade 6)
2. Junior (Year 7-8)
3. Middle (Year 9-10)
4. Senior (Year 11-12)
5. Tertiary (Currently enrolled in an Australian University or TAFE)
6. Executive Award (21 years and over)
7. Wild Card (Original performance)
8. People’s Choice (Group of 2-4 people)
9. Native Speaker (Postgraduate Indonesian students currently studying in Australia)
10. Teacher’s Award (Primary & Secondary school teachers who submit multiple high-
quality videos of their students)


The competition this year in 2018

The theme for 2018 is “Diversity”. Participants should endeavour to mention the word “keragaman/keanekaragaman/kebhinnekaan” in their speech. By participating in the competition, not only do the applicants have the opportunity to showcase their language skills, but they also contribute to strengthening the relationship between Australia and Indonesia by discussing bilateral issues and sharing traditional arts, culture, and musical performances with the wider public.

Total prize money is AUD $11,500 and Awardees are invited to celebrate their success in a national awards ceremony and networking evening. Applications for NAILA 2018 close on 31 August 2018.

Before applying for the NAILA competition, applicants should:
1. Check their eligibility on the NAILA website,
2. Read the rules and tips thoroughly,
3. Study the marking criteria,
4. Draft, and deliver a speech addressing one of the speech topics or this year’s theme of “diversity.”

Prospective applicants can also check out for NAILA YouTube account, where the NAILA team posts past participants’ & Awardees’ videos as learning resources and for those preparing to enter the competition. A creative approach to delivering a unique presentation is highly appreciated.


Key Speechwriting Advice

  • Choose a topic you feel strongly about – take the topic in a direction you are interested in (think outside the box and find a new take on a common subject).
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of research, brainstorm, find the facts and their sources (who said what), look for appropriate proverbs, metaphors, folktales and jokes to include or write your own.
  • Evaluate your audience and context, who are they, what are their interests, how formal should your speech be, how familiar are they with the subject?
  • Practice at school, university or work, in front of friends and strangers, use hand gestures, pauses and theatrics. Get used to using video capture and editing well before the deadline. Practice makes perfect!


Volunteering with NAILA

NAILA is organised by a dedicated group of volunteers from both countries. While giving back to the community, the team members are provided with the opportunity to expand their networks, cultivate their interest, and gain more experience. Every year the program offers volunteer opportunities for those interested in encouraging the study of Indonesian in Australia.

  • Three key benefits:
    • Strengthen your CV – Volunteering with NAILA allows individuals interested in the Australia-Indonesia bilateral relationship to develop their skill set in community engagement, partnerships, communications, event management and more.
    • Meet new friends – One of the largest benefits open to NAILA volunteers is the opportunity to meet many like-minded individuals who are just as enthusiastic about making new friends as they are about enhancing bilateral ties.
    • Contribute to a good cause – Know that if you volunteer with us, you are making a significant positive contribution to the development of Indonesian language learning and Indonesia literacy among Australians.

Follow their Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter for more updates, or sign up for the Mailing List to keep up to date with the latest NAILA news.



Banny Rahayu
Media and Communications Officer NAILA 2018
[email protected]


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