List of Hindi Language Programs & Reviews

A question we here at Asia Options often get asked is where we, and other language learners think is the best place in India to learn Hindi? To really assess where you should learn Hindi, it pays to take the time to carefully consider your options. There are so many reasons why you should learn an Indian language. Whether its because of India’s rising economic and geopolitical status, it’s incredible cultural, including Bollywood films and music, or personal connections in India or at home, you have a lot to gain from even a basic understanding of an India language such as Hindi. Learning Hindi is the best place to start, as it’s the most widely spoken Indian language in India and abroad by the Indian diaspora. Learning Hindi in India is one of the best decisions you could make, as you benefit from excellent tuition from native speakers and invaluable immersion in the language. But, if you can’t make it to India yet, or want to continue learning when you return, there are are also a number of online options for learning Hindi. Most importantly, while all students have the goal of speaking Hindi we all have different preferences of learning, different standards for housing, different reasons for learning Hindi and most importantly different budgets!

Language Schools in India

In India, there are brilliant language institutes that will have you speaking an Indian language in no time. For example, Zabaan Language Institute in Delhi, which offers Hindi, Urdu, Pashto, Sanskrit, and Tamil. Hindi Guru is another affordable option in Delhi and the Landour Language School offers tailored programs in the spectacular setting of the Himalayas. You can study an intensive language course in India at a fraction of the cost of studying in a Western country. But above all, studying in India is the best way to perfect your Hindi. To help you make the best decision, we have curated a list of Hindi language program reviews with insight from Hindi language students who have attended Hindi language courses in India.

Extra Resources

We have also compiled a number of personal experiences to help give you a flavour of what it’s like living and studying in India. Check out: Asia Options is also here to help you with all aspects of your time studying Hindi in India, including how to find accommodation and housing in India. If you know of other good language programs you would recommend, or have your own experience to add, we would love to hear from you.

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