This is your roadmap to opportunities in Korea.

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South Korea is a fast-paced and exciting nation nestled between giants, but few would disagree that it punches well above its diminutive size. Korea’s cultural and economic influence is now felt around the globe, in part thanks to the Hallyu or ‘Korean wave’. More than ever, Korea now attracts young people from around the world, establishing itself in recent decades as a premier destination for business, study, and culture in East Asia.

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If you decide to visit, be it in brief or for a lengthier sojourn, boredom will certainly not be an issue; delicious food, a rich cultural heritage, amazing shopping, theme parks, K-pop concerts, a fiery university life, and drinking culture (should you choose to participate) make for an amazing living experience. Who knows? You may even stumble upon an opportunity to appear on Korean TV too!

Although working life in Korea may be different to what you are used to, Korea’s importance as a trade partner and business hub means there is likely to be a rewarding work or an internship waiting for you in Korea. The key is knowing where to look. 

So, you want to study in Korea? A command of the language will open many doors for those who plan to live in Korea, or even in your home country. Start with our tips on how to master Korean (or any language), then begin your research on local and in-country options below!

Luckily, we have reviewed all the major language programs on offer in Korea in our Language Program Reviews.

Once you’re set on flying over, you can begin your research here on scholarships and post-graduate opportunities.


For Aussie students, there’s no going past the Government’s New Colombo Plan scholarship programs.

For more on Australia’s most prestigious scholarship program in Asia, the New Colombo Plan, be sure to look through our extensive tips and insights here.

Also, make sure to see our useful 10 important tips for successful applications.

Post-Graduate Study

Postgraduate study is a popular option for Korean enthusiasts intent on studying and one day working in Korea, especially international business, international relations, or MBA programs.

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South Korea is increasingly open to foreigners pursuing careers, businesses, and even internships, although this limited pool of opportunities can be met with tough competition. However, for those with the dedication, versatility, and language skills, there are certainly opportunities for your business or within an existing company. You will find the information you need to succeed below, whether it is a career, internship, or networking.

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Careers & Business

As renowned innovation hub, it’s worth familiarising yourself with Korea’s growing startup ecosystem as well.


Internships in Korea normally offer a basic stipend per month and foreign interns will need to be wary of the Korean company hierarchy and the status of interns within that structural pyramid. Young people often find internships as the best way to break into the competitive job market. Finding an internship in Korea is traditionally not easy, but you’ve chosen the right place for a uniquely challenging and valuable experience!


Networking in Korea is a definite must for anyone looking to break into the local job market or looking for an internship.

There are a number of chambers of commerce in Seoul, who hold regular business seminars, social events, and other networking opportunities.

It’s worth checking within your country as well for dedicated organisations as well.

We also recommend meetup.com scene is also lively in Korea (and your local area), although these events tend to be more on the social side.

Other Resources

Job Boards

  • Contact Korea  –  The government organisation representing the Republic of Korea that is exclusively charged with the attraction of global talented professionals.
  • Seoul Global Center – Check the Working > Find Jobs section.
  • Hi Seoul Jobs – A job-bulletin-board by Seoul Metropolitan Government to list and find jobs in and around Seoul.
  • Kopra – Excellent resource for internships, particularly for those from EU nations but also other nationalities as well. Lists opportunities not just for South Korea but all over East Asia.
  • ESL Cafe is the first stop resource for English Teaching jobs in Korea. They also have a very active forum where it possibly answers each and every query about living, working, studying and teaching in Korea.
  • Seoul Craigslist for Jobs also has many job postings for teaching English in Korea and 1 on 1 private tutoring opportunities for English and other languages.
  • WorknPlay Korea – not just a job site, but a one-stop community for expats providing a free job search facility to help visitors find the work that’s right for them. It also maintains an up to date entertainment guide, to ensure nobody forgets to play too! (You will find mostly English Teaching Jobs here).
  • Seek (jobs and internships in the Asia Pacific, you can narrow your search down to jobs in ‘Korea’).
  • Seoul Job Tweets – Regular notifications of jobs and internships in Seoul. Delivered every few hours.

Working or studying is only one component of life in Korea – Korea boasts an uniquely exciting culture to experience for yourself, but comes with some practical challenges to overcome, and social nuances to understand.

Accommodation Advice

Searching for suitable accommodation in Korea can be a daunting process as the rental market and housing system in Korea is known to be quite complicated, especially for first-timers! Fortunately, Asia Options has drawn on the experience of our team to give you the info you need in the guide below.

Mentors & Peers

Outside of experiencing it for yourself, the best way to get a sense of Korea is through the eyes of others who have lived it. Check out our in-depth discussions with some of these people here.