Internship in the Indian Premier League

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Imagine doing an internship in the Indian Premier League (IPL) with Kings XI Punjab – the biggest and most exciting twenty20 cricket league in the world. Well, Andrew Dimopoulas and six La Trobe University students did just that. Asia Options caught up with Andrew to hear about how he organised it, how much fun he had and what he gained.


Andrew, your internship in the Indian Premier League must be the envy of all cricket lovers, tell us a bit about it.

My Internship in the IPL with Kings XI Punjab was in the media and digital marketing department. We were based in Pune for the first two weeks – as the Kings XI Punjab looked to expand their supporter base by playing home matches in Pune – before returning to our home stadium in Mohali and office in Chandigarh.

The duration of the internship was for the entirety of the regular IPL season (seven weeks), and I travelled over to India with six other La Trobe University students. Five of the students (Tom, Demis, Simon, Jarryd and Evan) were Sport Management students, while Nick and I were Sport Journalism students.


What first sparked your interest to go to India for this opportunity?

Being a massive cricket fan, the opportunity to travel to India to work in the biggest cricketing competition in the world was just too good to ignore. In Australia we don’t get too much coverage of the IPL and you never know if you will get the chance to travel to India again, so it was a pretty easy decision to apply for the internship.


The IPL is the premier twenty-20 cricket league, what was an average day like working with the Kings XI Punjab?

A long one, that’s for sure! My job was more predominantly focused on match-day content. Nick and I would focus our attention on completing match previews and reports for each match, as well as live Twitter updates for the final few matches in Mohali.

We also had other important duties, such as organising the Kings XI Punjab cheer-squad for each match, conducting live Twitter chats with players, and I was also fortunate enough to engage in a bit of media management and supervise some player interviews for Indian TV.


How did you find living in India?

It was an incredibly eye-opening experience! Just being able to experience a new culture was really rewarding and is something that I will cherish forever. Pune was a little more difficult to handle as we were over an hour drive from the city centre, whilst in Chandigarh we were very close to the city’s main shopping centre.

Obviously there are some significant cultural differences between India and Australia which takes some getting used to, but over time you begin to adjust and acclimatise to the way of life.


Andrew, Tom, Demis, Simon, Jarryd, Nick, Evan and La Trobe University's Director of Sport, Professor Russell Hoye. Image: La Trobe University
Andrew, Tom, Demis, Simon, Jarryd, Nick, Evan and La Trobe University’s Director of Sport, Professor Russell Hoye. Image: La Trobe University

What was the highlight of your time there?

Being able to experience an IPL match live was just incredible. The atmosphere was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. To be able to report on Kings XI Punjab matches and hang out with world class cricketers like Glenn Maxwell and David Miller was something I will never forget.

We also were mistaken plenty of times for Australian cricketers, so it was also fun posing for photos and signing the occasional autograph!


This opportunity was a first for Australian students, how has it contributed to your studies and career goals?

It has contributed a great deal towards my goal of becoming a sport journalist. Having the experience of working in another country is extremely valuable and will no doubt stand out on my resume when I am applying for jobs in the future. The opportunity to work in a professional sporting environment and deal with world-class athletes was just amazing and it is something I would love to do again in the future.


Would you recommend to apply for this or similar opportunities in India?

If you are an aspiring sport journalist and you are passionate about cricket, then do not hesitate! Opportunities like this do not come around often and you will benefit greatly from the experience of being in a professional environment and working in a different culture.  It also gives you the chances to further increase your network, build contacts and make lifelong friends.


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James Edwards

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