Intern at the Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan

If you are looking for an exciting internship opportunity in Tokyo, Japan with ample networking opportunities, then the Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (ANZCCJ) may be perfect for you. Internships with ANZCCJ are best suited for university students with an interest in international relations, business, trade or public relations but are certainly not limited to students from these disciplines.

Interns at ANZCCJ are assigned tasks much more important than making tea. Interns are expected to source content to share on ANZCCJ’s social media outlets, assist in the planning and running of events, assist in the management of membership services and prepare publications such as the monthly newsletter. Full-time interns also liaise with the secretariat to help create their own project that can be of benefit to the Chamber. In the past, these projects have ranged from designs based – ie. creating logos and infographics – to being more research-based and creating historical overviews of the history of Japan and Australia’s trade since the signing of the commerce agreement.

Internship Roles

ANZCCJ offers two types of internships – a full-time Communications Coordinator and Operations Assistant and a part-time Communications Coordinator. Full-time interns are required to stay for a minimum of six weeks and work Monday-Friday. Part-time interns stay for a minimum of three months and negotiate 2-3 work days per week.

Currently, due to Covid-19, the ANZCCJ is only offering remote internships and the prior two roles have been merged into one. Your key responsibilities as a remote intern will be aiding in the management of website and social media content, the ANZCCJ newsletter, and helping with online events. Interested in what the day to day life of an intern is like? Then click here to find out

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants are required to be over 18 and preferably university students or recent graduates. While the ANZCCJ would prefer its interns to be from Japan, Australia, or New Zealand, they are also open to accepting applicants of other nationalities as well.  Japanese language proficiency is preferable but not essential.

Some of the key criteria for the role includes the following:

  • Excellent organisational skills
  •  Advanced computer ability
  • High level English proficiency
  • Japanese language proficiency (desired but not essential)

Applicaiton Information 

Applications are accepted year-round. Currently, applications are open until the 31st of October, 2021, with the internship set to run from December 2021 to February 2022. If you cannot make it in time for this deadline, they will also have another opportunity from February to April 2022 running. You will need the following in your application:

1. Completed application form
2. CV
3. Brief statement on what you wish to gain from an internship at the ANZCCJ

Kirrily’s Review of the Internship Program 

Asia Options’ Japan Correspondent, Kirrily, interned with ANZCCJ for 2 months in July-August, 2017.

During my time interning at ANZCCJ I was involved in the day-to-day tasks of running the office as well as some extremely exciting events and networking opportunities. I was also given my own personal project which was completely outside of anything I had ever done before!

Some of the highlights of my time at ANZCCJ include meeting Ian Thorpe and the Australian Ambassador to Japan, sitting in on a meeting at the Australian Embassy regarding the progress made on the TPP and building ties with the then secretariat, Cristina, and the other staff members and interns. ANZCCJ is a small team so you become really close knit with every one by the end of your time there.

My day to day work involved responding to emails, working on the newsletter and tracking our stats on social media. I think someone with an interest in PR would be perfect for the day to day tasks at ANZCCJ. Afternoons would mostly be spent on my individual project which was to design a range of infographics to highlight Japan’s ties with both Australia and New Zealand. Recently, I saw that the Australian Embassy in Tokyo shared one of my creations and it made me so proud to know that it was a part of my work with ANZCCJ.

intern with ANZCCJ
ANZCCJ staff, Kirrily and fellow interns working at the 60th Anniversary Dinner of the signing of the Japan-Australia Commerce Agreement
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Kirrily Zoon

Kirrily spent her extended gap year collecting Japanese entry stamps in her passport for her work designing itineraries for Australians visiting Japan. In 2016 however, she left the travel industry to study a BA majoring in Japanese at La Trobe University. After representing Victoria at the Japanese Speech Contest, she is now preparing to return to Japan to undertake an internship in Tokyo before embarking on a year of study in Kyoto.

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