Taiwan Huayu Scholarship for Chinese Language

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As Asia Options has previously shared, Taiwan is certainly an ideal location to study Chinese! Now is also the perfect time to start planning your Chinese language learning adventure as applications are now open for the Taiwan Government Huayu Enrichment Scholarship!


Program information

To encourage international students to undertake language courses in the Republic of China (Taiwan); in order to provide them with opportunities to increase their understanding of Taiwanese culture and society, and to promote mutual understanding and interactions between Taiwan and the international community.

Talking to previous scholarship recipients, Asia Options has discovered that recipients do tend to be on the younger side, typically undergraduate students, but postgraduate students and school leavers are also eligible and encouraged to apply. The Huayu Scholarship does also accept applicants from different disciplines- not just social science- and a demonstrated interest and passion for Taiwan and Chinese culture would certainly help! Generally speaking, the Huayu Scholarship is moderately difficult to apply for and is more competitive than the Mainland’s Confucius Institute scholarship.


Who can apply?

  • International applicants above the age of 18, who possess a high school diploma or above, have shown excellent academic performance, and are of good moral character are eligible. Candidates with one of the following qualifications may not apply:
  • Students in the following categories are ineligible to apply:
    • Overseas Chinese student or a national of the R.O.C.
    • Currently registered as a student at a Mandarin Language Center or has sought a degree from a university or college in Taiwan.
    • Has already received a HES or a Taiwan Scholarship, in the past.
    • Is an exchange student to Taiwan, during the scholarship period.
    • Is currently receiving financial benefits from the Taiwan government or another educational institution.



  • A Monthly stipend of 25,000 NTD.
  1. Huayu Enrichment courses will include a summer term (June and July, or July and August), along with short-term classes, which may last 3, 6 or 9 months to a year respectively.
  2. With the exception of the summer classes, in principle, the duration of the scholarship is from September 1st to August 31st of the following year. If recipients fail to come to Taiwan for enrolment during the designated time, they will forfeit their right to retain their scholarships.
  3. Scholarship funding will become effective on the date of the recipient’s enrolment. Scholarship funding will end according to the scholarship’s expiration date or if the scholarship is revoked.


Previous scholarship recipients have told Asia Options that most Huayu recipients receive the three-month scholarship, while the six and nine-month scholarship coverage is harder to attain.

The Huayu Scholarship is theoretically for as long as one year, but almost all of the Australians I’ve met have only received three-month ones. The selection process is fairly opaque, but I’d recommend including as much information about yourself (and your Chinese study) as possible, and making sure that your written application is as good as it can be.

Aiden Dullard

Students should also be aware that the stipend of 25,000 NTD does not include accommodation, travel, tuition or any other expenses and this costs should be paid from the stipend.

Scholarship recipients also have to apply for a student visa to ensure they receive their scholarship money and the stipend can sometimes be withheld for the first month until you can demonstrate your first month of results. The 25,000 NTD (approx. 1000 AUD) stipend is enough to live on if you live relatively frugally, though most students would dip into some of their savings, and this depends largely on your accommodation and location. Taipei is naturally more expensive to live in and the stipend will not go as far, but the stipend amount is ample for living in the south of Taiwan and other cities.

Students also have the flexibility to select their own university program and are not designated to a university as with other government scholarship programs in Asia. Students have to apply personally to their university program of choice. Students are usually accepted (ICLP is the only one that is hard to get into).


How to Apply?

  • For applicants from Australia, you should submit the following documents to the local embassy or missions before 10 April 2015.
  1. An application form
  2. A photocopy of your passport or any other documents that can verify the nationality of the applicant.
  3. A photocopy of the certificate of the highest credential and transcript.
  4. A photocopy of the applications to the Mandarin Language Center.
  5. Other documents required by local embassies or missions.


Australian Applicants should send their completed application to:

2015 Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (HES)
Dr Chi Crawford
Education Division of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Australia
Ground Floor, 53 Blackall Street, Barton ACT 2600 Australia
Email: chi.crawford@mail.moe.gov.tw
Telephone: (02) 6120 1022 or (02) 6120 1020

For more information on eligible language learning centres in Taiwan, key dates and the application form, click here.


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Marie-Alice McLean-Dreyfus

Marie-Alice McLean-Dreyfus has lived in Taiwan for two years where she was studying and working. She speaks Chinese and French.

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