Doing Art in China – A WeChat Interview with China Residencies

Kira Simon-Kennedy China Residencies Interview

Kira Simon-Kennedy is a film producer and nonprofit director. She is the the co-founder and director of the online directory China Residencies.

China Residencies was founded by Kira and Crystal Ruth Bell in 2013 with the ambition to become “the most comprehensive directory of residencies, co-working spaces and creative communities in China”. In two short years China Residencies has done a lot. It has rounded up the cream of artist residencies and artistic spaces in China, supported international exchange and cultural dialogue, and bitten a chunk out of the difficulties of navigating China as an artist – all of this as a not-for-profit with a volunteer team.

Kira jumped onto WeChat with Asia Options (AO) to talk turkey: what are residencies like in China, what are the snares to look out for, and how gifs will get the job done.

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If you’re itching to find a residency, this should be your starting point: ‘Finding The Right Residency’

Join China Residencies and Asia Options in Part 2, in which we experience the Two to Three 二到三 residency through the eyes Joshua Hoare, of one of its 2015 residents.

You can follow China Residencies on Twitter and Facebook. Read about previous recipient of the Two to Three 二到三, Astra Howard, right here and residency directors Ineke Guðmundsson and May Lee right here.

You can also apply for China Residency and Red Gate’s Crystal Ruth Bell Residency, which is now accepting applications for a funded residency in Beijing in November and December 2016.

The Culture Shock Graph comes from Our House in Aaurhus.

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Will Breedon

Will graduated from Monash University with degrees in Economics and Arts (Mandarin) and studied at Soochow University as a Hamer Scholar.

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  1. It is really great to hear an affirmation that there are predatory artist residencies out there, masked by a program that looks prestigious on the surface. I nearly fell into one such trap in India, an program connected to a gallery trying to make money by charging artists exorbitant studio fees. Thanks so much for publishing this information, and in such a fun gif-y format too!


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