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Jung-gu, Seoul 100-101, Korea
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The Yonsei University Korean Language Institute is the largest program in Korea with a massive foreign student body and well known within Korea and abroad.


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Terms Spring Summer Fall Winter
Term Dates Apr.6~Jun.16 Jun.25~Sep.04 Sep.24~Dec.07 TBD



As the most popular program in Korea it should come as no surprise that it is also one of the most expensive. Although there are a variety of different streams and courses to chose from the regular program that most students enrol into will set you back almost 1,700,000 KRW / Term.

  • Regular Morning (Mon – Fri / 9am – 1pm)  Class –  1,680,000 KRW/Term (10 Week, 200Hrs)
  • Regular Afternoon (Mon – Fri / 1:40 – 5:30pm) Class –  1,680,000 KRW/Term (10 Week, 200Hrs)



Located in the Sinchon / Hongdae area in Eastern Seoul, famous for it’s lively night life and array of interesting coffee shops, bars, restaurants and shopping. The epicenter of youth life in the city and a great place for those who want to party as much as they study and expose themselves to the infamous night life of Korea.

That said while it may be fun to visit these areas occasionally, living in them isn’t for everybody. That means walking home and passing bar after bar and the occasional drunk. Also means there will be occasional couples fighting or general drunk loudness nearby your officetel / hasukjip or dormitory. It also means that you will be sharing your experience with a large proportion of other foreign students (something I know some people would rather avoid).

Living in this area is also on the more expensive side especially for a one room studio. Expect to get a lot less for more with average one room prices around 500,000KRW/Month with a 5,000,000KRW Key Money or More. Hauskjips and Dormitories will cost less but provide fairly small rooms with communal services.

Check out Goshipages or Look for a place to live near Yonsei here



Believed to be to heavily focused on grammar, catering more to prospective university students who are doing a language bridging course and where non-serious learners go for a term just to party.



Great atmosphere particularly in the summer. A real party / college town feel. A lot of mingling outside and during classes. Large foreign student population means less staring and more English menus and signs. Yonsei is also one of the more prestigious universities in Korea and you can share in the honour (all be it by association!) this also means you will be able to attend the Yonsei v Korea university games!

Yonsei has a large foreign student body but in general it isn’t too diverse. Classes will be dominated by Japanese and Chinese learners and then American students in the summer. Expect your class demographic to be 80% Japanese / Chinese.



As the largest Korean language program in Korea most companies and TV networks advertise positions and part time opportunities through Yonsei. TV networks and model agencies can be spotted on campus scouting for talent or conducting interviews from time to time. Yonsei also curate by far the best Jobs and Opportunities board  of all the Korean universities. This resource gives Korean language students access to a wide range of employment and cultural opportunities that are hard to find elsewhere. Also keep an eye out for job and notice boards around campus, these are an excellent resource if you are looking to fund your study via some part-time English tutoring.


Asia Options verdict

An excellent option for a beginner to Korea who is on the younger side and wants to party hard and study hard. Also a great option for someone with an interest in Japan or China  and wants to practice those languages while also learning Korean. However it is probably the most expensive for fees, accommodation and cost of living! If you’re budget is tight then choose elsewhere.


Yonsei University
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Conveniently located
Good party atmosphere

Excellent Jobs Board / Networking Opportunities



High turnover of Students

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Yonsei - Foreigners top choice in Korea
I will begin studying at Yonsei this fall at the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS). My review is therefor based on my experience applying to Yonsei GSIS, as I can not yet say anything about the program itself.

Yonsei is ranked as the second best university in Korea, Seoul National University (SNU) being number one. The competition for Koreans applying to the university is fierce, and admitted students are definitely part of an elite in terms of education and academic results.
The story is somewhat different for Foreigners applying to the school. I will not go so far as to say the selection process for foreigners is easy, but compared to Koreans who normally will need a GPA of 4.0 (A) to be considered, foreigners are let of with a GPA of 3.0 (B). This do however vary from year to year, and case to case.

Being the university in Korea with the largest foreign student body, Yonsei is putting a lot of energy into keeping this position. The straightforward application process, with all documents provided in English, is a clear sign of the position they have built up among foreigners wanting to pursue higher education in Korea.

Since Yonsei is a private university, compared to SNU being a national one, the tuition fee is more expensive. However, if you compare the tuition fee with comparable universities in Europe or the US, you are still looking at a great price. For the GSIS, the tuition fee averages 7000USD a semester, essentially 28000USD for a two-year degree.

Yonsei has a large gallery of famous alumni, and is regarded as a top educational institution in Korea. The Seoul campus is located in Sinchon, an area in Seoul famous for it’s many bars and coffee shops. The campus is also one of the most beautiful campuses you’ll find in Korea.

Overall I strongly recommend applying to Yonsei if you’re considering pursuing higher education is Korea.

May 21, 2015, 5:19 am
Good University
I attended the YSKLI program in 2010 and I really enjoyed my time there and living in the area, Like the review says it was a little distracting at times to live in party central but it gave me the opportunity to meet so many Korean friends and really improve my Korean. I'd definitely recommend it and I personally think it looks good on my resume to have 'Yonsei'
February 2, 2015, 10:13 am
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