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Korea University

Korea University is one of the top 3 universities in Korea; Part of the SKY universities. It is the Red half of the famous Yonsei Korea Games and is based in North Seoul


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Terms Spring Summer Fall Winter
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Regular Morning (Mon – Fri / 9am – 1pm)  Class –  1,580,000 KRW/Term (10 Week, 200Hrs) 100,000KRW cheaper than Yonsei

Regular Afternoon (Mon – Fri / 1:40 – 5:30pm) Class –  1,220,000 KRW/Term (10 Week, 200Hrs) By far the cheapest option from the big 3 universities.



The university is located in the area of Anam Dong which is the base of the CJ international house; because of the large amount of exchange programs and international professors at Korea University they have a purpose built dormitory to help house these students, however it is very difficult to secure a spot. That said CJ International House on campus has relatively restrictive rules and takes quite a while to walk to and from Anam which meant that students weren’t wholly happy with living there. A place like Anam Hostel, although basic in nature, is in an ideal location, being situated on the main strip of restaurants and bars. Crimson House is also another popular spot in a good location in front of the main gates of the university.

There are one rooms and goshiwons available in anam-dong but no where near the amount of options available to students in the Sinchon area. That said there are still enough housing options available and at reasonable prices. Smaller Goshiwons and boarding houses will cost around 300 – 400,000 KRW/Month and higher end costing 500,000 KRW/Month. In terms of nightlife the closest hot spot area is Jonggak to the south or Konkuk University Station towards the east.

One rooms around Korea University Station are on the expensive side (10,000,000 KRW  Key money and 600,000 KRW rent) around the station is the usual amount of bars and restaurants catering to the student population which will be exclusively used by the university students in the area.



Korea University due to it’s location has it’s own very strong community. Korea university has many exchange programs for regular courses so there is a good international vibe (estimated at 2000 students) on campus and a slight air of superiority.



As mentioned above outside of the Korean language program there are a lot of exchange students who will also take Korean lessons at times. This makes for a much more international student body than other schools. You should expect a good international feel at the campus and there should be more opportunities to network outside of the Korean language program.

The prestigious nature of the university means there is a strong academic atmosphere at the university. The Korean language program is not well known but as I have stated because of the large amounts of exchange students and professors the campus is more international. The area is large and grand and there is great facilities for sport and other clubs. There is an air of exclusivity to the campus and many of the international students readily adopt the university – in general the passion of Korea university students during the Korea vs Yonsei games is much more intense. This is probably due to the fact that Yonsei pumps through a huge amount of language students who do not recognize themselves as ‘Yonsei” students while at Korea university; international students are very much adopted into the university culture.



Very limited. Still can’t compare to the opportunities that exist at Yonsei; the language program is not well known and is not often targeted by the TV shows and other companies that have opportunities for foreign students. The jobs board is pretty sparse in comparison. That said there is a lot of networking opportunities with students who are on exchange and also with foreign professors who are also on exchange.


Asia Options verdict

If you are sent here via a university exchange then you are in for a great time and will enjoy the campus and community. However if you are going just for Korean language then there may be better options and other factors to consider – such as the rather isolated location. There is a lack of value / options in housing around the area, in comparison to other student hub areas combined with the inconvenience to connect up with the other major party areas/subway/attractions. Korea Universities strong points are it’s prestigious and welcoming university culture, it’s the kind of university that even as a language student you will want to wear your KU logo clothing everywhere.  Korea university offers something different and depending our your viewpoint it can either be a positive different or a negative.


Korea University
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Global Atmosphere
Campus Facilities
Tight Community


Limited housing options
Distance to night life
Lack of work opportunities

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