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If you are looking to study Hindi at a recognised language school in India, then you need not look much further than Zabaan Language Institute in New Delhi.

Zabaan was founded by a Hindi teacher, who was working in the United States, and one of his students. They bring a strong understanding of the learning needs of international and local students alike. Seven years on, Zabaan remains one of the best places in India to study Hindi and now offers courses in Panjabi, Pashto, Sanskrit, Tamil and Urdu as well.

Zabaan is famous for its professionalism and efficiency and is regularly cited as a leader in the field. It has partnered with the Australian National University for its Hindi exchange course to Delhi.



Once you have decided that you want to study Hindi, Zabaan makes the process from there as easy as possible. It offers you the option to study in a group, take private classes or even online classes.

Group Hindi classes

Zabaan offers high-quality teaching to small groups of between 3 and 10 with the option to do intensive, full-time study or less intensive night classes, depending on your needs.

If you want to study in a group Zabaan Language Institute offers:

  • A four week intensive course with sixty hours of classes (two 90-minute classes a day, five days a week) which costs 24,000 rupees.
  • A less intensive night program which involves group sessions twice weekly in the evenings (classes are 90-minutes long and after eleven weeks you will be expected to have finished thirty hours of study) that costs 12,000 rupees.
  • Group enrolment requires a minimum of three students but class sizes rarely exceed ten.
  • Beginner’s classes are taught by advanced students, intermediate classes by English speaking teachers and the advanced classes are taught exclusively in Hindi

Private Hindi Classes

Should you want to study Hindi privately, Zabaan will happily cater for you, providing the opportunity for private classes both at the school or at a location of your choice. These classes are understandably more expensive but enable high flexibility.

Private one-hour classes can be arranged to tailor a course specifically to your needs:

  • 1,179 rupees for a one-hour class.
  • Teachers may be able to travel to your location but this will incur an extra travel charge.

Online Hindi classes

If you can’t make it to Delhi, don’t worry. Zabaan offers online private classes through Skype, allowing you to study Hindi at one of India’s top language schools from anywhere in the world.

Online Skype lessons:

  • cost 1,350 rupees for a one-hour class (subject to teacher availability)
  • can be paid for via Transferwise, reducing international transfers fees and making it quick and reliable
  • includes the course material and homework so you can keep working on your vocabulary, grammar and writing skills between classes. The language institute encourages intensive personal study to supplement the course and instructors typically set homework that requires between two and five hours of additional study per one hour of online lessons. While this workload doesn’t suit everyone, Zabaan’s deserved reputation is predicated on the hard work of both the instructors and students.

Asia Options has further options to help you study Hindi online.


Generally speaking, Zabaan’s rates are significantly higher than other language schools in India, which reflects the quality of the teaching they deliver. To find out exact rates specifically suited to your model of study inquire at [email protected] or call +91 96501-22722.




Situated in quiet and stylish Kailiash Colony in South Delhi, Zabaan Language Institute is set in an ideal location for the enthusiastic language student. Located near the Kailash Colony Metro Station, the rest of Delhi is eminently accessible and students living elsewhere in Delhi will not find it difficult to reach classes using the clean and efficient Metro system. Nearby is the trendy artist’s enclave of Haus Khas as well as the manicured grounds of the Baha’I Lotus Temple and the throbbing market precinct of Lajpat Nagar. There are plenty of room rentals around and many students go through Air BnB to find comfortable lodgings. Alternatively, check out TripAdvisor or



Zabaan Language Institute is well known as one of the best places to study Hindi. Developed institutional links with universities such as the Australian National University and Columbia University are testament to the quality of the teaching. The Institute’s high results, flexible study scheme and notorious workload and justifiably renowned.



Zabaan is known for fostering a pleasant working environment. Small class sizes, diverse student cohort and a professional reading room all encourage socialisation and many students find themselves spending lunch (organic options offered by the institute) together or hanging out after class. Group study is also quite common and helpful when trying to surmount the large amount of homework that Zabaan sets! Having said that though, Zabaan is characterised by an intense work environment and students are usually there to learn Hindi as efficiently as they can so any prospective students should be prepared for an intense workload and limited spare time.

However, all your hard work will pay off! Zabaan’s deep institutional links mean that any Hindi accreditation gained here will be well regarded. Once you’ve polished your Hindi you could take one of Zabaan’s introduction to Indian literature courses or one of their free Urdu script classes. The opportunities for study and recognition that Zabaan offer are phenomenal.


Final Verdict

Zabaan offers high-quality courses at all levels and in a range formats to suit your needs. You can choose from of small group classes, private classes, full-time study, night courses or even online classes. Zabaan is internationally recognised and a popular school for international students, including hosting study courses from international universities. It’s location and atmosphere are perfect for studying in Delhi.

The tuition fees at Zabaan are higher than other language school in India, but you will see this reflected in the quality of the teaching. Have a look at other options if you are just starting out with Hindi, but if you are serious about progressing to an advanced level and want to study in Delhi then look no further.

  • To study Hindi at Zabaan Language Institute in New Delhi, visit, contact them at [email protected], on +91 96501 22722 or drop in at F-12/A Ground Floor, Kailash Colony.

Mazaa Karo! Have fun!


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