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Affandi Street, Gang Bromo # 15A, Mrican, Yogyakarta , Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia


Wisma Bahasa Language Program


Wisma Bahasa was established in 1982 under the name Yogyakarta Indonesia Language Centre (YILC).

It is a private language school in Yogyakarta operating under a bigger umbrella, the Suara Bhakti Foundation.

Most classes at Wisma Bahasa are conducted in one-on-one classes, so every students are treated specifically based on what they need and their learning style. Students can also learn in small groups.

Wisma Bahasa provides different levels and books. Students can take a placement test before their studies to determine their level.

Students are taught by a group of different teachers so they have the opportunity to learn from different speakers. These teachers always coordinate together so that the target material can be delivered in order.

Wisma Bahasa offers language training and also some cultural and travel activities. The school has also branched out to other cities. Students can also study with Wisma Bahasa in Jakarta and Bali, or via online courses.

Wisma Bahasa offers special language programs such as Indonesian for Diplomats.

It also offers a wide variety of cultural courses such as batik painting and Indonesian cuisine, and field trips to renowned tourist destinations and cultural institutions.

For attending a regular class in Yogya, it will cost you around $30 AUD per class for 1 hour and 45 mins. Fees are more expensive in Jakarta.

Wisma Bahasa can also organize accommodation while you study in Yogya.


Located very close to the heart of the city, Wisma Bahasa is easy to access. It is on the north side of the main campus of Sanata Dharma University.


With more than 38 years experience, Wisma Bahasa has gained the trust of big institutions such as embassies, volunteer organizations like Australian Volunteers International and the US Peace Corps, as well as individuals. They have wide variety of up-to-date teaching materials which can be adjusted to student needs. They use a ‘Direct Method’ with communicative language teaching in order to enable learners to communicate in, rather than to analyze, the target language.


There is so much to say about Yogyakarta, but this review is not intended to delineate its expansive beauty and majesty. Suffice to say, we believe Yogyakarta to be the finest entry point into Indonesia. Close to Borobudur and Prambanan, students have the best chance of experiencing the very best of Indonesia while studying at Yogya. It has a beautiful volcano to the North, Merapi, and charming beaches to the South. Along with Surakarta, it is a centre of Javanese culture.

It is highly populated, especially in the city center, but it is still less crowded and much less choked up with traffic than Jakarta. A motorbike is the most popular mode of transportation in the city.

From personal experience, the atmosphere at Wisma Bahasa is remarkable. Students are treated exceptionally well, perhaps a little too well. The teachers are excellent and very hard-working.


Wisma Bahasa offers young Australians a great way to launch into Indonesia and immerse themselves in the country.

The teachers and all those who work at Wisma Bahasa are kind and generous. You’ll be invited to play badminton and have lunch with the staff. It’s a wonderful way to learn the language and begin to learn the culture.

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