Universitas Indonesia (UI)


The national university of Indonesia or UI is based in Jakarta. For those looking to learn Indonesian, there are a number of options with varying levels of immersion. For those looking to build networks and a career in Jakarta, this is an ideal place to find a foothold.


Program Schedule

Semesters usually run between February to July and September to January. BIPA programs are often held in June / July each year during the Australian winter break.



Fees are likely to be more expensive in Jakarta but may depend on course length and program. Fees and program details are constantly being updated so you can find more information here. 



As the capital of Indonesia and a hub of economic activity and entrepreneurship, Jakarta is a city full of opportunities. You will have access to all of the amenities of a Western country. Some of the setbacks associated with Jakarta include the oppressive traffic and pollution. There is also a clear and obvious disparity between an excessively wealthy elite and disadvantaged communities.

The campus itself is an expansive manicured enclosure of relative tranquility amidst the chaos of wider Jakarta. It is vast and you may need to take the bus to get around. We recommend walking around the green campus and keeping an eye out for the imported deer. You can even use the yellow university bicycles to get from the library to class, to the canteen. The central lake and mosque are also worth visiting. U has some of the best facilities money has bought in Indonesia.



As the national university of Indonesia, UI, is widely seen as a highly prestigious institution. It is widely ranked as one of the most prestigious universities in Indonesia. Consistently in the top 3 with Universitas Gadjah Mada and Institut Teknik Bandung.



Jakarta is huge and has a wide variety of experiences; from the old Dutch architecture and museums of ‘Kota Tua’, the towering spires of trade centres, malls and other economic activity. At UI you will be more likely to spend time in the green leafy districts around the Depok campus of Universitas Indonesia. There is a mixed student culture ranging from highly studios and competitive to more relaxed and party oriented. There are some international students each semester but not as many as there would be at Universitas Gadjah Mada.



Jakarta is the commercial and political center of Indonesia. There are a number of benefits that come from building networks here. Jakarta is home to many of the head offices of local multinational and transnational organisations. You may find internship and job opportunities working with private firms, foreign embassies, NGOs, media and journalism as well as education. The university’s International Office also keeps a close tab on identifying opportunities for students to participate in on their Global Opportunities page.


 Asia Options Verdict 

Universitas Indonesia is a key option for those hoping to learn the Indonesian language. You may not always be able to find opportunities for complete immersion. However, there are few places where you can gain access to as many opportunities and networks as Jakarta. You’re not going to get as many electricity cuts and internet failures as other parts of Indonesia as well!


Universitas Indonesia
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Beautiful manicured campus
Access to more business / elite networks and opportunities

Top-tier reputation / prestige


Traffic congestion in Jakarta (more of a problem in the inner city further outside of campus)
Pollution in Jakarta (more of a problem in the inner city further outside of campus)

Limited socioeconomic diversity in the student body

Classes and Materials
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