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BIPA stands for Bahasa Indonesia Untuk Penutur Asing (Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers).

This program with the University of Indonesia (UI) was founded in the 1960s and it is run by LBI (Lembaga Bahasa International) in the Fakultas Ilmu Budaya (Faculty of Cultural Sciences).

It has a more formal atmosphere given that the service belongs to the university.

There are two types of programs offered by BIPA UI, namely a regular program and special program.

The regular program has three terms, conducted from January-April, May-August and September-December.

Students study 20 hours/week, and each term consists of 250 hours of study.

Students will study at the level based on their placement test.

There are three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.

With this program, students can learn about Indonesian culture through various cultural activities such as playing traditional Indonesian musical instruments and painting traditional batik fabric.

BIPA UI organizes special activities to provide opportunities for the students to practice their Indonesian language.

These activities include the BIPA Festival, Indonesian Day, Intercultural Exhibition and Field Trips.

At the end the program, there is a festive graduation where students perform what they’ve learned and receive different awards and achievements.

Beside these regular programs, the institution also offers special programs that are designed based on demand. Clients and students can discuss schedules, duration and materials for the program.

BIPA UI also offers an interesting program that students can take on after achieving their formal language training. The program is called BINON (Bahasa Indonesia Nonformal).

In this program, students learn non-formal Indonesian with a Jakarta dialect, a form of Indonesian commonly used in daily and informal conversations across the Jakarta metropolis.

For those who need a certificate of Indonesian language proficiency, BIPA UI offers TIBA (Indonesian Proficiency Test) for Academic Purposes and Occupational Purposes.

The tuition fee for the regular program is approx $2000 AUD per term, excluding a registration fee of ($75 AUD). The placement test is $50 AUD. To attend a regular program, you will also need a study permit which can be organized while applying for your studies with BIPA UI.

The campus itself is an expansive manicured enclosure of relative tranquility amidst the chaos of wider Jakarta. It is vast and you may need to take the bus to get around. We recommend walking around the green campus and keeping an eye out for the imported deer. You can even use the yellow university bicycles to get from the library to class, to the canteen. The central lake and mosque are also worth visiting. U has some of the best facilities money has bought in Indonesia.


As the national university of Indonesia UI, is widely seen as a highly prestigious institution. It is widely ranked as one of the most prestigious universities in Indonesia. Consistently in the top 3 with Universitas Gadjah Mada and Institut Teknik Bandung.

BIPA UI has a great reputation for professionalism. They declare themselves to be ‘Process Oriented’, focusing on the development of each individual at each learning stage.

The teachers are experienced language specialists and educators who have mostly graduated from UI and hold graduate degrees from various reputable universities abroad. They aspire to keep up with the most recent research and methodologies in teaching. They use a communicative approach in teaching by teaching the language in meaningful situations with an emphasis on communicative functions.


BIPA UI is located in Depok. Depok is a city in West Java province, located within Jabodetabek (the Jakarta metropolitan area).

This is one of the most highly populated areas in Indonesia. However, the Depok campus has a lot of great facilities to study in, including a big library located near the lake.

Jakarta is huge and has a wide variety of experiences; from the old Dutch architecture and museums of ‘Kota Tua’, the towering spires of trade centres, malls and other economic activity. At UI you will be more likely to spend time in the green leafy districts around the Depok campus of Universitas Indonesia. There is a mixed student culture ranging from highly studios and competitive to more relaxed and party oriented. There are some international students each semester but not as many as there would be at Universitas Gadjah Mada.

As part of a university program, the atmosphere is like that of a general campus in Indonesia.

You will learn alongside students from all over the world and meet with many other Indonesian students on campus.

This offers a great chance to practice your language outside of classes. And you will be highly exposed to the target language and culture.


Jakarta is the commercial and political center of Indonesia. There are a number of benefits that come from building networks here. Jakarta is home to many of the head offices of local multinational and transnational organisations. You may find internship and job opportunities working with private firms, foreign embassies, NGOs, media and journalism as well as education. The university’s International Office also keeps a close tab on identifying opportunities for students to participate in on their Global Opportunities page.

Asia Options Verdict 

Universitas Indonesia is a key option for those hoping to learn the Indonesian language. You may not always be able to find opportunities for complete immersion. However, there are few places where you can gain access to as many opportunities and networks as Jakarta. You’re not going to get as many electricity cuts and internet failures as other parts of Indonesia as well!

UI is a great university and its reputation for excellence will likely carry over to its BIPA program.

Universitas Indonesia
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Beautiful manicured campus
Access to more business / elite networks and opportunities

Top-tier reputation / prestige


Traffic congestion in Jakarta (more of a problem in the inner city further outside of campus)
Pollution in Jakarta (more of a problem in the inner city further outside of campus)

Limited socioeconomic diversity in the student body

Classes and Materials
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