Sogang University Korean Language Program Review

Korean Language Education Center, Sogang University 35 Baekbeom-ro, Mapo-gu , Seoul 121-110, South Korea


The Sogang University Korean Language Education Center comes highly recommended among Korean language students, especially known for its results in achieving practical knowledge of Korean language, rather than strict grammar which is limited in real-life use. The university is located in the Sinchon area, a 15-minute walk from the front gates of Yonsei University. Read on to find out more and to see if Sogang is the right program for you.


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Although Sogang’s Korean Language Program is currently the most expensive Korean Language Program we have reviewed, the increase in popularity is testament to the good results students achieve here. It also seems like Sogang is continually investing into improving the impressive facilities and offerings of the language school, it being more of a central part of the university than some other universities.

Another factor to consider in the price is the multitude of extra-curricular activities offered by the Korean Language Education Center (KLEC), including free additional cultural lectures, extra courses (pronunciation, film screenings, traditional music, Kpop), as well as access to sports and gym facilities,  and study areas.

  • Korean for General Purposes Morning (Mon-Fri / 9am-1pm)  –  1,790,000 KRW/Term (10 Week Course, 200 hrs) + Application Fee 60,000 KRW
  • Korean for Academic Purposes Afternoon (Mon-Fri / 1:30pm-5:30pm)  –  1,790,000 KRW/Term (10 Week Course, 200 hrs) + Application Fee 60,000 KRW
  • Korean for General Purposes Evening (Mon, Tues, Thurs/ 6:50pm-8:40pm) – 700,000KRW/Term (10 Week Course, 60 hrs) + Application Fee 60,000 KRW



Sogang is located in the Sinchon area, slightly removed but still in walking distance from Yonsei University and Ewha Womens University.

Located in the Sinchon / Hongdae area in Eastern Seoul, famous for it’s lively nightlife and array of interesting coffee shops, bars, restaurants and shopping. The epicentre of youth life in the city and a great place for those who want to party as much as they study and expose themselves to the infamous night life of Korea. For more on Sinchon see our Yonsei review.



There are areas directly across from Sogang in Sinsu-Dong or near Daehung Station that will have slightly more affordable accommodation away from the noise of the Sinchon Centre, which depending on your preference can either be more or less convenient.

Living in this area is also on the more expensive side especially for a one room studio. Expect to get a lot less for more with average one room prices around 500,000 KRW/Month with a 5,000,000 KRW ‘key money’ or more. Hasukjips and dormitories will cost less but provide fairly small rooms with communal services.

Check out the best ways to find housing in Korea here.


Sogang University’s Korean language course is known and recommended by all as the university with the best program for those who want to learn how to speak the language. Courses at Sogang are slightly more focused towards speaking and practicing during classes, as opposed to rote learning sometimes obscure grammatical points. This approach will suit the majority of Korean learners, especially those whose main priority may not be to pursue further tertiary studies in Korean.

The language program has become a favourite for American soldiers who are required to take classes and also other foreign diplomats / business people who are on postings in Korea.



Sogang is known to have more Americans and Europeans because of it’s emphasis on speaking, however current students studying at Sogang have said 70-80 % of students are still Japanese and Chinese. There’s a similar vibe and atmosphere to Yonsei in the general area, but it is not as large as the Yonsei program. Smaller class sizes and a smaller student body make it a more of a community – you are bound to recognise everyone after six months.



The KLEC is not as helpful when it comes to job opportunities but it is good for networking with other students because of the smaller community approach and the chance of meeting an expat worker or diplomat. There is also none of the broadcasting presence like Yonsei. There is a language exchange program available but we have heard mixed reviews as to its organisation and benefits.


Asia Options Verdict

Sogang’s Korean Language Program has deservedly earned their reputation as the best university program for a student to rapidly improve their practical Korean skills, although this means slightly less focus is placed n on pure grammar. The university’s investment into their Korean language program shows in their great facilities and abundance of activities, which contribute to a closely-knit community. Having both Morning and Afternoon options for the regular program also provides unique flexibility for students.

As with Yonsei and Ehwa universities, the location in the Sinchon places Sogang above and beyond other universities in terms of access to Seoul’s vibrant youth culture.

If you are weighing up between Yonsei and Sogang, you may consider Sogang’s relative lack of opportunities outside of the classroom, such as networking for future jobs. Although comparable in price to Yonsei, Sogang’s program is the most expensive of the university-offered programs we have reviewed.


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