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The Chinese Language Division (CLD) is the language center of National Taiwan University (NTU) and was established in October 1984. CLD was originally established for students of NTU but in 2000 opened to the general public. The school offers courses for a 12 week semester starting in the spring, summer and autumn and a 10 week course for the winter quarter. Class sizes are small with 4-6 students in each class.



For the 12 week summer, spring and autumn courses it is NTD $35,000

For the 10 week winter term it costs NTD $29,100

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Located on the campus of NTU and in the student district of Gongguan. The campus area is big and has a lot of restaurants and shops. This is probably one of the most ‘international’ eating areas with a vast array of international eating options.  A gym, swimming pool and tennis courts are also available on campus. The closest MRT stations are Gongguan or Taipower Building Station. Both stations require about a 10-15 minute walk. There is a U-Bike (Taipei’s bike sharing system) almost at the gate of the school. There also numerous buses you can catch that got to the university.



CLD is unable to provide dormitory accommodation for students. This means students must find their own accommodation. Given the large number of foreign students studying in the area there are many share houses nearby the school. For more information on how to find accommodation in Taipei, read the Taiwan section here on Asia Options.



The overall reputation is quite good. While the ICLP is NTU’s preeminent Chinese language program, the CLD program is also well regarded. The CLD program is obviously less intensive than the ICLP, but at 15 hours of face-to-face tuition per week, is more intensive than the program offered by NTNU. Add an additional few hours per day to complete homework and prepare for exams. The program is quite intense and most students are very studious. The teachers are all of a high quality and take an active interest in not only in the improvement of their student’s language abilities, but also their welfare while in Taiwan.



There is a good mix of students. In general approximately 50% of the students are from other parts of Asia, 40% come from Europe, Australia and America and the remaining 10% from other parts of the world. Given this mix of nationalities it is often necessary to use Chinese as the primary form of communication with classmates. Most students come to class everyday and teachers are always punctual. Students are in general very studious and ambitious and are motivated to meet the program’s expectations, both in terms of required grades and attendance.



The CLD office organises cultural activities for students once a semester (such as calligraphy) and there are some student-run clubs advertised. In relation to other schools there are less cultural activities.


Asia Options Verdict

If you are keen to study at Taiwan’s premier university and can afford the exorbitant fees, ICLP undoubtedly offers the best Chinese language learning experience. If you can’t, however, NTU’s CLD program offers a similarly professional and collegiate environment in which to study Chinese.

The CLD program would be best suited to self-motivated students looking to fast-track their Chinese language abilities. There is a considerable amount of time focused on written skills, which may not suit some. Students are more studious at CLD meaning this institution is best suited to those who are serious about improving their Chinese.


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Hello All,

I have been studying in NTU CLD for 3 semesters now.
I just would like to say that without all your flawless advice,
I maybe in a different school right now.
For more advice from your fellow NTU CLD students,
or if you want to check out what is going on on the in’s and out’s in Taiwan for
foreigners, we do have a Facebook group that could help make your decision or
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Thank you!

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