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The National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center (MTC) located in the grounds of the NTNU was founded in the autumn of 1956 for teaching Chinese as a second language. MTC is now the largest Chinese language center in Taiwan with around 1,700 students from more than 70 countries enrolled each academic quarter (each which goes for 3 months) MTC has a large range of courses on offer making it more flexible. In addition to the regular and intensive courses there are also 3 week express programs and an on-line course.

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Three month program

NTD $32,400 per semester for the intensive course (15 hours per week in a class of 6-10)

NTD $25,200 per semester for the regular class (10 hours per week in a class of 6-10)

Two month summer program

NTD $21,600 per semester for the intensive course (15 hours per week in a class of 6-10)

NTD $16,800 per semester for the regular class (10 hours per week in a class of 6-10)

Culture class NTD $4,500 per semester.

MTC has two classes on offer: the regular class and the intensive class. The regular class only has 10 hours of class per week. In addition students are required to attend the 大班課 or ‘large group class’ which are group cultural classes. These include a weekly movie screenings, TV dramas, learning about Chinese idioms, learning about Chinese characters etc.

If students pay for the culture class (which includes tea ceremony, Chinese cooking, calligraphy etc) this also counts towards the large group hours. The regular classes also have a more relaxed environment and do not move as fast as the intensive class.

The intensive class is 15 hours per week and moves at a much faster pace.  A lot more homework is given to students and there is daily dictation. There is the expectation that students will work hard in these classes and prepare all work for their class. Students are not required to attend the large group classes (although they can if they wish).



MTC is in a convenient location, close to the subway and many buses. It is right next to a night market (the 師大 ‘shida’ night market). There are lots of cafes and restaurants and shops in the alleys around the university. It is also a short walk to the famous Yongkang foodie street. MTC is very close to the main campus of the NTNU university which has a gym and swimming pool. MTC students can also visit the doctor on campus at NTNU.



MTC is unable to provide dormitory accommodation for students. This means students must find their own accommodation. Given the large number of foreign students studying in the area there are many share houses nearby the school. For more information on how to find accommodation in Taipei, read the Taiwan section here on Asia Options.



MTC is probably one of the most well-known language programs in Taiwan. The reputation of the teachers are that they are well trained and professional. In terms of curriculum ICLP is known as being more intense and having a heavier workload. Given its size most Taiwanese people have heard of the language program there. When meeting other foreign students in Taiwan chances are they are studying/have studied at MTC. This is also the language school where former Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, studied Chinese.



The students at MTC come from all corners of the globe, but most come from other Asian countries such as Japan and Korea. As such, many students take their studies at MTC quite seriously and this pushes other students to study hard as well. Teachers are friendly but can be quite strict when it comes to testing and improving your Chinese. There are various clubs to get involved in. However as MTC operates separately from NTNU, MTC students are generally not involved in the wider student clubs and societies of NTNU. Class hours are monitored regularly, with teachers taking names each class and extra hours accounted for on a monthly time card. Teachers are very professional and always punctual.



There are some language competitions offered at MTC (speech contest, singing contest, practice testing, etc.), and minimal cultural activities. However MTC does offer dragon boating and some other sports clubs as well as regular off-site one day trips around Taiwan. There are no alumni associations and no internships that students can get involved in. But there is a noticeboard on campus which regularly has job opportunities listed and announcements for other cultural events. Scouts for TV shows looking for foreigners also regularly come to the campus. If students take the regular class (only 2 hours per day) then they do have the time and opportunity to undertake an internship (but please check first with your visa conditions – no paid employment is permitted on a student visa!).



MTC makes a good choice for beginner. They have developed an excellent curriculum of phonetics and Chinese character etymology for beginner learners which ensures that beginner learners are able to learn pronunciation and characters easily. There are also many other beginner students which ensures there are several classes. If you are an intermediate learner there are also many learning options. If however, you are an advanced learner there are very few options and also very few advanced students. This means that advanced learners may not be able to get as much out of the program as perhaps other programs in Taiwan (such as ICLP).


Asia Options Verdict

Flexible starting dates, good environment, and a good study program makes MTC an attractive option to international students seeking to undertake full or part-time Chinese language programs in Taiwan. MTC is also a more flexible and slightly cheaper option to the intensive program offered by NTNU. MTC offers a comprehensive education teaching reading, writing, speaking and listening. The NTNU campus is also a great place to meet new friends which is really important when adjusting to a new country.


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