Nanjing Normal University (NNU) Chinese Language Program Review

41 Beijing East Road , Nanjing , China


The Nanjing Normal University Language Program is the second most popular choice for foreign students studying Mandarin in Nanjing but as this review reveals, the program doesn’t necessarily deserve to play second fiddle to its prestigious rival.



Tuition fees: RMB 8300/half year; RMB 16,600/year

Application fees: RMB 400/person.

Tuition fees are slightly cheaper than Nanjing University and overall reasonably priced for a second tier city.



Based in downtown Nanjing, the campus is regarded as one of the most beautiful in China. The spectacular Xuanwuhu Lake and City Wall are also a 25 minute walk away, and the city center, Xinjiekou, is a similar distance in the opposite direction. Close to campus, students are spoilt with three bakeries, including the famous Skyways Bakery (a well known institution in Nanjing!), as well as a smorgasbord of coffee and drinking options. There is also a reasonable choice of foreign cuisine nearby including Korean, Japanese, Italian, hamburgers but unfortunately a lack of quality Chinese dining options. Nanjing food doesn’t seem to be overly popular with foreign students but there’s the odd delicious Sichuan, Xinjiang and Dongbei restaurant nearby as well.

In regards to accommodation, most students move out and find accommodation off-campus for a similar rate during their second semester. The best way to find a room to rent is to ask around when you arrive in Nanjing or check out expats websites (Nanjing Expat and Hello Nanjing). Decent short-term accommodation down the road from Nanjing Normal University can be found at Jasmine Youth Hostel. You’ll probably also find a future room mate staying there too, because at the start of the semester the hostel is full of students in the same boat looking for accommodation! Overall, taking a dorm at the university is the easy option and especially if you’re new to China, but with patience and the right help it is not difficult to find the affordable accommodation off campus.



The reputation of the Nanjing Normal University language program is highly regarded and lends weight to the reputation of Normal universities excelling in teaching Chinese to foreign learners. The reputation of the language program in regards to teaching standards and study environment also exceed the more highly ranked Nanjing University.



NNJU has a much better study atmosphere than Nanjing University and is reflected by the high standard set by teachers and a diverse demographic of hardworking students largely from Asia. Classes will be dominated by Korean, Vietnamese, Russians and African students. There’s also a strong social atmosphere with Chinese students on campus, nearby bars and the Nanjing University and the Hopkins Nanjing Center foreign student population down the road.



The Australia China Youth Association is very active in Nanjing, so keep an eye out for opportunities to participate and join events. Nanjing has little to offer in regards to part-time internships with multinational companies but there are plenty of English jobs advertised online on the Nanjing Expat and Hello Nanjing. In recent years a number of Australian students in Nanjing have featured on Jiangsu TV station’s famous Feichang Wurao dating show. To access TV opportunities in Nanjing its all about who you know and asking around will eventually lead to the source. For Mandarin speaking foreigners there are definitely a lot of opportunities in Nanjing for 15 minutes of fame!


Asia Options Verdict

Nanjing Normal University offers the best Chinese language program in Nanjing despite standing in the shadow of its prestigious sister down the road. The university’s beautiful campus, excellent location, strong teaching standards make it one of the best language programs in China for those looking for a university study experience in a highly liveable second tier city.


Nanjing Normal University
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Excellent teaching standards
Good study atmosphere
Beautiful campus


Tuition fees are not cheap

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