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3 Zhengyi Road , Beijing 100007, China


My Chinese Study is dwarfed in size and reputation by the foreign student magnets of Beida, Qinghua, and BLCU but for the non-traditional language student this could be your best choice in Beijing.



The school offers a number of different packages at different price points, and negotiating on a price is possible if the student pre-purchases a large amount of classes. The school does offer one-on-one tutoring but the high cost means that group classes are far more economical. Overall, the language classes offered by the school are considered more expensive by Beijing standards. My Chinese Study also offers internships to foreign students which come as a package deal with a Chinese language course. The prices listed on the website are on the cheaper scale when it comes to internships in Beijing.



The school has an excellent location, located in the heart of the bustling Sanlitun area in the Soho complex. The school can be easily located by subway (10 minutes walk from Tuanjiehu on Line 10), and is positioned directly opposite Sanlitun Village. Sanlitun Village is a popular hangout for shopping, bars and is in close proximity to a number of multinational companies. The financial district of Guomao is also two stops away on Line 10 and Chaoyangmen is five minutes away on a tuk-tuk vehicle. Sanlitun is therefore a well suited location for those working or interning in the area. Accommodation around Sanlitun is cheaper than Guomao and Chaoyangmen and so it might be worthwhile living and study in the area and then commuting to work in nearby suburbs. A room in a share house around Sanlitun can be as low as 2,500 RMB per month all the way up to 8,000+ RMB depending on exact location and quality of housing. Living further from the subways stations will save you money on rent.



My Chinese Study has an excellent reputation among the expatriate community in Beijing, and Australian students flock there like a BBQ at Bunnings. The excellent location and high calibre of teachers has meant that many expats choose My Chinese Study as their first choice for Chinese language study and flexibility in arranging classes. Unfortunately, the language school’s reputation in China does not begin to compete with the reputation of the major universities despite arguably offering a better program.



The staff at reception are friendly and accommodating and are willing to take the time to help students choose a package that is right for them, whilst the teaching staff are professional and well trained. The school is relatively large by Beijing standards, with 7-8 different classrooms and a big open space area for students to chill out and have a coffee during their study breaks. The median student age at the school is much older than at universities and students tend to be more studious as they are sacrificing their free time to attend classes or are strongly motivated to study. Naturally, the school doesn’t offer the same party atmosphere as the big universities which of course won’t disappoint everyone!



The flexibility of the class timetable and after work hour schedule provides every opportunity to work/intern during the day. Full-time professionals working and then studying part-time at the language school may also be useful contacts to have in the future. Lastly, the school has a reputation for suiting students interning full-time in Beijing and needing an invitation letter for visa purposes. As the school is not registered as a university in China it can not supply JW202 forms for a student visa but can offer a visa intended for culture exchange with varying lengths in duration. You can contact the school for specific details on visa assistance.


Asia Options Verdict

My Chinese Study comes highly recommended for expats who are seeking to learn Chinese while working, preparing for a HSK or just looking to maintain their Chinese without trekking out to Wudaokou. The school is not recommended for learners looking to add a prestigious institution to their resume, and who should instead enrol in a nationally recognised university such as Tsinghua or Peking University. Despite the cost, most expats will find that the high quality teaching staff make it worth shelling out a few extra RMB!


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