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Language Studies Indonesia (LSI) is a private provider of Indonesian language lessons. LSI delivers instruction in standard Indonesian, rather than the informal slang or overly formal variations of the language found in other places. Indeed, their marketing slogan is “Learn Bahasa Indonesia in Jakarta, where 12 million people speak Indonesian as their native tongue.”


Study options include:

  • Immersion programs
  • Online study
  • Study in Jakarta


Program Schedule

LSI offers 6 course levels. Each course is comprised of 13 two hour classes. From foundations to advanced involved 78 two hour classes or 156 instructional hours.



At around $18AUD per hour for one on one, the cost of private tutelage is relatively good value. This is a mid-range option.


Private classes in Jakarta

1 course level (13 class credits / 26 instructional hours)

1 learner     4,875,000 rupiah

2 learners   6,500,000 rupiah

3 learners   7,800,000 rupiah

4 learners   10,400,000 rupiah


Public classes Jakarta

Evening classes (2 times weekly)

Semi intensive classes (3 times weekly)

1 course level

13 class credits / 26 instructional hours

1 learner 2,600,000 rupiah


Intensive Program (2 weeks, full-time) 2 course levels

52 instructional hours + field trip 3 hours

1 learner 5,500,000 rupiah



1 course level / 13 class credits / 26 instructional hours

1 learner   4,875,000 rupiah

2 learners 6,500,000 rupiah

3 learners 7,800,000 rupiah

4 learners 10,400,000 rupiah



LSI locations: if students choose private study or one-on-one tuition then they will be able to choose a location to meet up for study. If students join a group class then they will have to join one of the satellite classrooms in Central Jakarta.

Jakarta: As the capital of Indonesia and a hub of economic activity and entrepreneurship, Jakarta is a city full of opportunities. You will have access to all of the amenities of a Western country. Some of the setbacks associated with Jakarta include the oppressive traffic and pollution.



According to the LSI website:

LSI’s Certificate Program in Bahasa Indonesia was recognised as BEST EDUCATION PROGRAM 2014 by Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Nuh, Indonesia’s Minister of Education and Culture. LSI also invites to its faculty only multilingual and university-accredited language teachers.



Jakarta is huge and has a wide variety of experiences; from the old Dutch architecture and museums of ‘Kota Tua’, the towering spires of trade centres, malls and other economic activity. Asia Options recommends finding somewhere close to the school or organizing for your tutor to come to you in order to minimize time spent in oppressive traffic.



Jakarta is the political and commercial center of Indonesia. There are a number of benefits that come from building networks here. Jakarta is home to many of the head offices of local multinational and transnational organisations and there are opportunities to work with private firms, foreign embassies, NGOs, media and journalism as well as education.


Asia Options Verdict

The Language Studies Indonesia is a solid option for private classes. Definitely the higher tier levels offer quality. However, this means classes are likely to be more within the higher price range. If you’re seriously considering learning Indonesian it’s worth considering LSI.


Language Studies Indonesia
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More access to networking and business opportunites

Good reputation


Jakarta traffic congestion

Jakarta pollution

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