LangÉcole Hindi Language Program Review

E-4, Defence Colony, Ring Road , Delhi 110024, India


Established in 2007, LangÉcole teaches numerous languages including Hindi with native-speaking teachers. The Hindi courses range from a month long homestay program to online, individual and group classes. They also offer LangJobs where students can look for jobs that require their newly found language skills. Program Schedule LangÉcole provides three levels of language learning – basic, intermediate and advanced. The school prides itself on its customisation of the program for your individual needs. This includes 4-6 hours of classes a week either on a weekday or weekend, and individual or group learning. Depending on your needs, the schedule comes in. Group sessions can vary depending on which campus you want to choose – from anywhere between May to October. However, individually, you can start classes at any time. LangÉcole also provides online classes so you could start your language practice earlier. Additionally you can opt into a homestay and 2-3hrs of Hindi classes a day to get an unique experience. Affordability The cost varies depending on the experience and the length of the study. For a 40 hour Hindi course, it will cost $500 USD ($691 AUD) or for a homestay and 2-3hrs of classes a day for the same price per week. This includes course materials such as textbooks as well as support during and post studies. Location The school has different locations throughout India, which includes:
  • New Delhi
  • Bangalore
  • Goregaon
Classes can also be done online. Reputation LangÉcole has been covered in the media such as Economic Times and NDTV. The reputation of the teachers is that their language skills are either fluent or native speakers. With the emphasis of flexibility, LangÉcole is known for its customisation of classes based on the student’s needs such as conversational Hindi or business Hindi and collaboration with Embassies and Consulates for other foreign language learning such as the Embassy of Brazil. Atmosphere LangÉcole caters to a wide range of language learners from corporate workers to travelers. This certainly provides a more professional atmosphere. Students take language classes at LangÉcole to gain employment or seeking a promotion at work. There are assessments and examinations in order to test your language ability. Class hours are usually quite flexible depending on the student’s needs, schedule and chosen batch. The classes are in two-hour blocks so there are chances where you can take a few classes per day ie 9am-11am; 2pm-4pm etc. Opportunities LangÉcole provides an online service, similar to our Seek or EthicalJobs called, LangJobs. As their mission statement says, “We are Language Yogis! Our mission is to connect the world through languages.” LangJobs certainly provides what they say – opportunities to work with languages. Their services don’t strictly only provide a job search service, rather it includes other aspects in the job hunting sphere such as translation, recruitment and interpretation services. This service provides a space to use your newly acquitted language skills to good use as it provides a platform to do freelancing translation work. In addition to the job service, LangÉcole also provides a month-long homestay experience where you have an opportunity to live with an Indian family. Asia Options Verdict LangÉcole is certainly one of the cheapest language centers in India making it attractive for those who want to study Hindi in the country. With the flexibility of learning Hindi at your pace and targeting your language goals, LangÉcole has the best interests of language learners at heart. The school also provides homestay experiences if you can’t commit for the long term and provides a platform to secure work with your new-found language skills. LangÉcole also prides itself with native language speakers so learners feel comfortable knowing that a native speaker is teaching them the ropes.