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Landour Language School

Landour Language School is a dream to study at. Situated in a suburb of Mussoorie in the heart of the breath-taking Himalayas, it is a the perfect place to immerse yourself in your Hindi studies.

The school’s greatest asset is its flexibility and affordability. The ability to choose your own classes, teachers and schedule means that you very literally get out what you you put in. However, the insularity of the suburb of Landour and the very limited access to further opportunities does not work in the school’s favour. Saying that, the ability to travel while you study and being able to live in a stunning Himalayan hill station evens out some of the negatives.

Initially established by the British as a language school for missionaries and bureaucrats, the language school is within the Kellogg Memorial Church. The Church continues to serve the upper Mussoorie cantonment of Landour and the language school still welcomes significant numbers of foreign missionaries.


School Year – 2nd February to 12th December (no fixed terms and closed when it snows from December to January)


  • Introductory Hindi = 240 x 50 min. classes in 12 weeks
  • Intermediate Hindi = 240 x 50 min. classes in 12 weeks
  • Intensive Hindi = 120 x 50 min. classes in six weeks
  • Can be enrolled for as long or short a time as you like (with a minimum of two weeks) so students can take it at their own pace
  • 50 minute classes from 8:20am to 4:50pm
  • One on one unless requested for a bigger class size
  • Timetable scheduled weekly for each individual student
  • Can submit teacher preferences
  • Full Time Enrolment = four classes a day (option for more)
  • Part Time Enrolment = two classes a day minimum

During the winter, the school is not open but many teachers are happy to tutor privately outside the school for comparable rates.


Landour Language School’s tuition fees are quite affordable. Current rates are:

  • Enrolment Fees = 500 INR
  • Introductory Hindi Textbook (Written and published by the school) = 2000 INR
  • 1 x 50 min. private class = 460 INR
  • 1 x 50 min. class (2 students) = 345 INR per person
  • 1 x 50 min. class (3 students) = 285 INR per person
  • Examination Fee = 500 INR


Landour Language School is located in the town of Mussoorie, which is 90 minutes by bus from the state capital of Uttarakhand, Dehra Dun. Dehra Dun is itself eight hours by bus or an overnight train from Delhi.

Mussoorie is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas and has sweeping views over the Gangetic Plain. Landour is a suburb above Mussoorie and is a (very steep) thirty minute walk or ten minute taxi from the main bazaar of Mussoorie.

Landour itself is quite quiet, being predominately residential with a couple of small food shops. Just down the road, the main bazaar in Mussoorie can get quite busy as the town is a major tourist attraction for Punjabis from the plains who know Mussoorie for its beauty and accessibility.

There are many different types of accommodation for language school students from the luxury Rokeby Manor to a variety of homestays and rented apartments. You can choose to stay in Landour, however, some students find that the high proportion of foreigners means they don’t end up speaking Hindi as much as they would like and so they often stay in the main Mussoorie bazaar. Some hotels in Landour provide very heavy discounts for language school students (up to 50%). Prices also drop during the colder winter months. The Landour Language School website has a detailed breakdown of some of the more popular accommodation options.

The peak season for the school is May, June, July – the monsoonal months – which coincide with the American summer break. During this time accommodation is difficult to find and the school is very crowded.


Landour Language School is very popular due to its course flexibility and affordability. The intensity of study means that many students leave with a high level of Hindi. However, the informal curriculum and lack of homework means that results are dependent on individual effort and this is reflected in the school’s reputation.


The school is highly sociable with plenty of free time between classes to meet other students. The limited accommodation options in Landour also means that most students are staying in the same few venues. There are a number of house parties, and many students eat together in the evenings. It is possible also to buy wine and other imported western goods (even vegemite!) in some of the local shops.

Some students note that Landour is quite insular as it has a high population of foreign students and even locals speak mainly English. This means that outside the school, many students do not find opportunities to practice their Hindi unless they make the hike into town.

There is also a high proportion of missionary students at the school and some practice texts are drawn from religious contexts that can be disconcerting for non-Christian students.

The flexibility of the course means that students can take a week off here and there to go travelling. Shimla is only five hours away by bus and in driving distance is Rishikesh, Haridwar and a wide variety of Himalayan treks.


As Landour Language School is a private school and not part of any national system, access to employment opportunities through the school is very limited.

Final Verdict

The opportunity to learn Hindi at Landour Language school in the heart of the Himalayas is second to none. The atmosphere is truly breathtaking and the perfect place to immerse yourself in your Hindi studies. The tuition is very affordable and the school has a long history of offer the highest quality courses. It is well know for nurturing self-driven students.

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Contact Details

Location: 41/2 Landour Cantt, Mussoorie, District Dehradun, 248179, Uttarakhand


Phone: +91 135 2631487