Institut Teknik Bandung (ITB) Bahasa Language Program

Jl. Ganesa No.10, Lb. Siliwangi, Kecamatan Coblong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40132, Indonesia , West Java 40131, Indonesia


The Technical Institute of Bandung is one of the premier tertiary education institutions of Indonesia. The comparative advantages of ITB include engineering, design, architecture and the natural sciences. ITB also offers BIPA and Indonesian language programs.

Program Schedule

Semesters usually run between February to July and September to January.


Fees are likely to be almost as expensive as institutions in Jakarta but may depend on course length and program. Fees and program details are constantly being updated so check out the website or contact the university directly for information.

As the main city of West Java, Bandung, the most populous province in Indonesia, there will never be a dull moment in Bandung (except perhaps in traffic). Like Jakarta, Bandung is also a hub of economic activity and entrepreneurship, keep your eyes open for opportunities here. You will have access to most if not all of the amenities of a Western country. Some of the setbacks associated with Bandung include the oppressive traffic and pollution. Clear and the obvious disparity between an excessively wealthy elite and disadvantaged communities.

ITB is located centrally in Bandung. There are small bus / angkots and motorcycle taxis (ojeks) available within the vicinity. Traffic can be difficult sometimes around the campus although not nearly as terrible as Jakarta.


As mentioned, the Technical Institute of Bandung is one of the premier tertiary education institutions of Indonesia and is consistently ranked as one of the ‘top 3’ in Indonesia – see 


Bandung is an expansive metropolis. Experiences include visiting parts of town with old Dutch architecture and the historically significant Asia-Africa Museum. Recreational activities are plentiful up in the hills with the hot springs and bars with stunning night time views of the city lights. The campus itself is also artistically designed and leafy and green.

The campus location is leafy and green and has incorporated some really cool planning and landscape design reflecting the technical expertise of the university. There are plenty of music, art and extracurricular activities to become involved in.


Bandung is an important city in Indonesia. There are a number of benefits that come from building networks here. It’s not far from Jakarta, home to many of the head offices of local multinational and transnational organisations. Bandung also has it’s share of opportunities related to private firms, NGOs, media and journalism as well as education.

There are also other opportunities across West Java:

Asia Options Verdict 

Institut Teknik Bandung offers more of a unique niche focused opportunity in Indonesia, recommended for students who wish to combine language learning with an internship or a techincal discipline of study in immersion.


Institut Teknik Bandung
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Cool and innovative campus design
Great multidisciplinary learning opportunities for those interested in design, science and technology and other similar areas

Top-tier reputation / prestige


Traffic congestion in Bandung (especially weekends)
Pollution in Bandung (not as bad as Jakarta)

Limited socioeconomic diversity in the student body

Classes and Materials
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