Ewha Womans University Korean Language Program Review

Ewha Womans University
Ewha-Samsung Education Culture Building 52, Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu , Seoul 120-170, South Korea


Ewha Womans University is the largest and most prestigious women’s university in Korea, but if you are male, this review may still be helpful – men are also able to attend the university’s Korean language program!


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Ehwa’s tuition fee is on the expensive end among Korean universities.

Their Intensive Program (Mon – Fri / 9.10am – 1pm)  runs four times a year and will cost 1,720,000KRW per term (10 Week Course, 200Hrs), plus registration and textbook costs.

As with most universities, short-term programs are also offered, although this review focusses on the regular program.



Ewha is located in the Sinchon, next door to Yonsei University, and within walking distance to Sogang University. For more information on the Sinchon area see our Yonsei University Korean Language Institute Review.

Although the title is fading slightly in recent years, Ewha is still a known shopping district with its outdoor clothes market lined with stalls selling affordable local fashion. Ewha is one subway stop away from Sinchon and although most students choose to live in the Sinchon area, Ewha students may also consider living in Ahyeon-dong which is considerably cheaper (but also much more run-down with fewer amenities).

Ewha also gives students an opportunity to stay in their on-campus dormitories, although you may find private options suit your budget or lifestyle better. You can learn more about housing options near Ewha and in Korea here.



The Ewha Korean language program often goes under the radar when Korean language programs are mentioned, most notably because of the single-sex status of the university. However, the location next to Yonsei means that there is often a lot of mingling outside of class.

Because it is known as a female’s university naturally it’s classes are likely to have a higher ratio of women, but this is not too dissimilar to the ratio in most Korean language classes. There is a significant difference in the demographics of students as Ehwa tends to attract more female students from Islamic countries.

The Ehwa textbook is well regarded amongst Korean language learners and is commonly used by Korean language courses overseas because of the English explanations included. The classes also cover the four main areas – reading, writing, listening, speaking – but with a focus on communication skills, as opposed to the academically-oriented curriculum of programs such as Yonsei.

Finally, Ehwa’s student activity offerings are quite impressive; joining interest clubs is encouraged and cultural activities are also offered. You will also have access to a personal Korean tutor (a fellow student) if you apply in advance, a great way to enhance your knowledge of Korean language and culture.



Ewha has a great, but very hilly, campus with some truly beautiful buildings. It is also a Christian school and has its own church. Despite it being a female university, you will find guys around campus using the study facilities or going to meet their girlfriends.

Smaller class numbers and lack of diversity can make the atmosphere a bit more subdued in class, compared to say Yonsei. It is also not uncommon to see tourists on campus snapping students for insights into the latest in Korean campus fashion – the stereotype is that students at Ehwa are generally very savvy in this regard.



Ewha is generally overlooked by professionals in Korea, possibly due to a perception that it may not compete with the larger coeducational universities. As such, students report there are little to no networking opportunities. The Korean language program is not a major focus at Ewha so there isn’t much in the way of job postings or other opportunities. There may be casual English tutoring opportunities available around campus but this pales in comparison to the listed opportunities available to Yonsei students next door.

Scholarships are offered at the language school for exemplary students.


Asia Options Verdict

Ehwa’s Korean Language Program boasts a solid language course with highly-regarded textbooks and teachers. You may appreciate the intimate atmosphere, beautiful campus, and the lively local area of Sinchon. 

However, given the similar prices and location, it is difficult to argue for Ewha over the offerings at Yonsei or Sogang, unless you feel more comfortable with the idea of attending a women’s university.

Although there are some student activities and a tutoring service on offer, opportunities outside of class are limited in comparison to neighbouring universities.


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I love korean language
April 4, 2020, 5:41 am
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Politely disagree
I’m currently a student at Yale and attended Ewha for their summer program in 2017. While Ewha doesn’t enjoy the word-of-mouth prestige of Yonsei or SNU, I found Ewha’s program to be much more enjoyable. The course content was more applicable to daily life, the textbooks are updated more frequently, and due to the program being fairly small, the staff are genuinely interested in your wellbeing and success. I will be returning this summer as well, and can’t recommend it highly enough.
May 17, 2018, 4:22 am
Classes and Materials4.5
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