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Cinta Bahasa Jl. Raya Sanggingan 88x Indomaret Lt 2 / Cahaya Intan Ubud 80571 Gianyar, Bali , Bali 80571, Indonesia


Cinta Bahasa is an education organization, called a “Yayasan” (Foundation) in Indonesia, which puts it in the same category as some other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Cinta Bahasa was founded on February 14th, 2011 by Yoshida Chandra and Stephen DeMeulenaere. The name “Cinta Bahasa” comes from the phrase “Cintailah Bahasa Indonesia” which means “Love the Indonesian Language”.

The focus of Cinta Bahasa language program is more practical. Although this also involves tailoring to individual students. Most students are often more interested in learning conversation and practical use of the language rather than grammar structures and theory.

The school offers a diverse range of different course/packages to people or groups from a range of different backgrounds:

  • Individuals
  • Small groups
  • Couples / families
  • NGOs
  • Businesses

Course fees are more than reasonable. See this chart for a complete run-down of prices.


Cinta Bahasa has four main campuses across Bali but the main one is in Ubud.

The others include

  • Sanur (bypass)
  • Kuta (sunset road)
  • Canggu (echo beach)

Ubud is reachable by bus, taxi (just for you – more expensive) or through renting a motorbike. There should be a range of accommodation options ranging from $10-50 per night. However, if you’re in Bali for the long haul look for a kos – boarding house (averaging anywhere between $30AUD- $150AUD per month depending on the facilities you are after). Otherwise, there might be shared house or studio apartment options for those with time to search through the winding streets of Ubud.


It is more difficult to gauge the reputation of private courses like Cinta Bahasa. However, the program boasts student alumni from a wide range of fields including business, NGOs, bilateral volunteer programs, diplomacy and the military. Cinta Bahasa clearly has a following.


Ubud has a definite sense of atmosphere. Shady green streets connect hundreds of arts and craft shops. The music of modern bars and restaurants mixes together with the burning of incense in ancient Hindu-temples and the aroma of spices and fresh produce in traditional markets.


For those interested in the hospitality, tourism or eco-tourism fields, you are in the right place. However, in terms of NGOs, you may require more specialized skills. Networking with people from a range of backgrounds will be possible at the school, usually at lunchtimes and after classes.

Asia Options Verdict 

Private courses like those taught at Cinta Bahasa are a great place to build a linguistic foundation before embarking on something more practical like a student exchange, internship or leadership program. If you only have a few weeks to two months then a course like this in a beautiful, picturesque setting may be just right for you. If you have more time, (6-12 months) it would probably be worth looking into student exchange options at universities.

Cinta Bahasa
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Access to one-on-one learning

Peaceful atmosphere


Oversaturation of foreigners means more competition for various expat opportunities


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Experienced and professional
Experienced and professional teachers with a communicative approach to learning. Variety of programs available for beginners to upper intermediate/advanced, and caters to both visitors and Bali-based expats.
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