BLCU Chinese Language Program Review

3 Zhengyi Road , Beijing 100007, China


The Beijing Language and Culture University Chinese Language Program is well known in China and a top three choice for foreign students studying on exchange in Beijing. The BLCU schedule is slightly more flexible than other universities in that they offer the option of short-term programs (4, 5 ,6 & 12 week semesters) as well as the traditional semester long option (18 weeks). These courses also have a range of starting dates to choose from which adds extra flexibility. For the traditional academic semesters, the Spring Semester begins in March and the Autumn Semesters commences in September as is standard throughout China.



BLCU is on par with other major universities in Beijing but certainly not considered a cheap option for a university Chinese language program. The other important aspect to keep in mind is the high cost of living of rent in Wudaokou.

Tuition fees: 11,600 RMB full semester program, 23,200 RMB full year program

Application fee: 600 RMB

For more information about tuition fees and other programs please see here.



If you are looking for the perfect language environment, the foreign student hive of Wudaokou is not ideal. Wudaokou is renown for its smorgasbord of foreign supermarkets, bars, international restaurants, seedy nightlight and over supply of foreigners. Living in the student hive of Wudaokou can certainly be a great experience but the fun can wear off after a semester or two; its quite far from downtown Beijing and there’s a huge population of young foreign students with not always the best study intentions. However, at the same time, the teachers and locals all speak standard Mandarin and so there are still many opportunities to practise your Chinese around campus and within the area. Given the huge population of foreign students in Wudaokou, the area is well serviced to support foreign student needs including shopping centres, chemists, bars, restaurants and a cinema. BLCU is also a quick ten minute walk from the Wudaokou Subway Station on Line 13 and in winter there are buses from Wudaokou to the ski slopes of Nanshan and other snow parks further north of Beijing.



BLCU is regarded as one of the top universities for foreigners studying Mandarin in China and the university has an impressive record of foreign students consistently winning language competitions such as 汉语桥 and 汉语之星. Teachers are reputed to be very professional and well trained. In regards to course load, Qinghua University and Peking University are known to have a more arduous curriculum than BLCU.



There are plenty of opportunities for native English speakers to access informal and casual language teaching jobs in and around Wudaokou. On campus opportunities include Chinese culture classes, Chinese calligraphy, making dumplings, learning kung-fu etc, and active student and sport communities. There is not a huge supply of internships available nearby, unless you are looking to break into tech companies (mostly Chinese companies such as Tencent, the closed office of Google is also nearby). Lastly, BLCU will also compliment your language credibility on the resume when applying for jobs in China.



There are more foreigners at BLCU than any other university in China. Hence, there is less of a tight-knit student community at BLCU as you would find in other universities. The demographic of students is almost as diverse as the United Nations and even North Korea is well represented at BLCU; BLCU is a nominated language exchange institution of the North Korean Government. The North Korea students study in their own private classes and are closely watched amongst themselves. They are seen in pairs at all times and are not allowed mobile phones, so don’t expect too much interaction with your fellow international students from the north of the Korean peninsular!


Asia Options Verdict

BLCU is rightly a top choice for students looking to study at a Chinese university and a diverse study abroad experience. BLCU ticks the box for campus atmosphere, reputation, student diversity, teaching standards, and proximity to a nightlife scene.


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Strong reputation
International atmosphere

Diverse student cohort


Lot of foreign students!

Tuitions fees

WDK Accommodation expensive

Classes and Materials
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