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Alam Bahasa is a key private provider of Indonesian language studies. The school boasts an impressive range of programs. 1 on 1 and class based tutoring. However, the real strength is in 1 on 1 programs. Wisma Bahasa has different schools based all around Indonesia but the main ones are found in Yogyakarta and Jakarta.

Costs: at around $14AUD per hour Alam Bahasa is great value: much cheaper than many other private course options.

number of students in class training cost per hour
1 person Rp 134,000
2 people Rp 198,000
3 people Rp 254,000
4 people Rp 297,000



Yogyakarta is located in Central Java. A short plane (2-4 hours) from Bali and Jakarta. You can also catch the train from Jakarta (we recommend the overnight train). The Yogyakarta school is located in a nice part of town in Sleman with a range of homestay options and hotels.



Alam’s international reputation is demonstrated through its ongoing partnerships and cooperation with other countries. These include programs with foreign embassies such as Japan, the Netherlands, Colombia, as well as training programs with Banks, tourism industries and the private sector.



You will find more international students and researchers in Yogyakarta than anywhere else in Indonesia. Indeed, Yogyakarta is the second largest tourism destination in Indonesia after Bali. There are a lot of student organisations, research centres, recreational activities, travel and study groups, art and music collectives, expat circles and more communities, to become involved in. It should not be difficult to make new friends, both local and international. Despite growing traffic jams, malls culture and pollution, Yogyakarta retains much of its charm. There are still many beautiful and serene places to be found in the once peaceful city. However, this may not be the case for long. Yogyakarta should be seen and experienced sooner than later. It is slowly becoming more and more like the big suffocating cities of Java (Surabaya, Jakarta etc…). But this is an inevitable part of urbanization and Java’s overpopulation.



Asia Options Verdict

The Alam Bahasa anguage course is a solid value option. Worth considering both the classes and one-on-one options. Great for groups in particular.


Alam Bahasa
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Access to one-on-one or group classes
Well known


Less chances to network than in a university setting

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