Intern with DFAT at the Australian Embassy in Japan

DFAT Internship
Australian Embassy, Tokyo

For those looking for an internship in Japan and with an interest in international relations, there’s no going past this internship opportunity! As one of the very few overseas Australian postings offering a formal internship program, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade in Japan offer a great internship opportunity. But keep in mind that it is competitive! So make sure you watch the application dates carefully and invest in tailoring your written application.

DFAT Japan welcomes applications from high school, university and vocational students as well as recent graduates 18 years or older. Applicants can be both Australian or other nationalities. It’s important to note that the DFAT consulates in Osaka, Sapporo and Fukuoka do not offer an internship program.

Internships at the Embassy allow students with an interest in international relations (including political, trade and economic policy, public diplomacy, trade promotion, education, defence, resources, finance) or administration (including accounting, personnel or property management) to gain an insight into the work of the Embassy.

Every intern has a different set of experiences. DFAT’s aim is to give interns some exposure to the Embassy’s activities through project work as well as involvement in the day-to-day activities of the Embassy.

Duration of the DFAT Internship

Internships are only available for periods of between 6 and 12 weeks. Applications should be submitted 3 months prior to the proposed commencement date. No interns are taken during the month of August.

Eligibility Requirements

English and a high level of Japanese language skills are required for most intern placements. Placements with the Embassy’s administration section may be offered to applicants who do not have strong Japanese language skills.

Internships are unpaid and open to all nationalities. Travel costs, travel and living arrangements and insurance are the responsibility of the intern.

Applicants should note that if their application is successful, they will be required to complete a security check before commencing the internship.

As many interns are still completing their studies, the Embassy can be flexible in regards to work hours. The hours would need to be agreed to early on, and preferably before commencing.


To apply, please see the DFAT website and review their FAQ section here.

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