China: Work

Life after the New Colombo Plan Scholarship

When it comes to scholarships for Australian Students, the New Colombo Plan (NCP) is the all-inclusive Indo-Pacific, Asian experience. We’ve heard from many scholars about their transformative study and work stories in the region, but where are they now? Coming … Read More

Up-close with Austern International

  Asia Options gets excited about initiatives that encompass both learning and travel to the Asian region, so we were thrilled to learn about the great work undertaken by Austern International. Austern International is an initiative founded by Lily Wu … Read More

How to find internships & non-teaching jobs in China

  The most logical step to finding internships and non-teaching jobs in China is to sift through online job boards or connect with HR recruiters. But for those looking to bypass the competitive online job market, this article looks at how to hack the … Read More

6 reasons to get involved with start-ups in Asia

Rapid economic development in Asia has brought tremendous change to the region but it has also brought significant challenges and gaps in the market, and there is desperate need for entrepreneurial talent. Meanwhile, foreign companies are facing increased pressure from local companies, … Read More