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A BIPA program is part of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s efforts to promote Indonesian language overseas by providing courses and curricula for foreign students both within and outside of Indonesia. BIPA stands for Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing (Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers). The course provides various Bahasa Indonesia language skills such as speaking, listening and writing. Students who are interested may also gain insights into the history of the language.

The program is offered as a formal one-semester course or can be taken as one-to-one tuition or private lesson. A formal class normally follows a fixed timetable while private tuition can be arranged to meet student needs.

While there are commonly no specific requirements to join this program, a placement test is required to place students in a class at the correct level.

The program is structured into three levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced. Each level requires one full term study.


Elementary Level (BIPA 1)

The elementary level aims at enabling students to reach a basic level of competence in Bahasa Indonesia. This level focuses primarily on conversational skills, both formal and informal. Cultural awareness is crucial in enhancing these communication skills. This level is ideal for those who have no previous experience in Bahasa Indonesia.

Intermediate Level (BIPA 2)

At the intermediate level, participants learn to use more varied styles of spoken and written Bahasa Indonesia. Students also begin to learn about Indonesia’s state, administrative, and citizenship systems. The intermediate level is for those who have already gained basic skills in Bahasa Indonesia and wish to be able to communicate in various everyday situations.

Advanced Level (BIPA 3)

The advanced level is the final level of the course. It has been designed for those who wish to achieve high levels of literacy in Bahasa Indonesia. It is also for students who have a particular vocational or career-based interest on Indonesia. At this level, participants learn to participate in discussions and write essays in Indonesian. Study topics include Indonesian society and culture (e.g. history, religion, culture and tradition). Students who reach this level are ready to begin conducting research or even business in Indonesia. Others may just hope to live and communicate more effectively in Indonesia.

Basic requirements for applicants

To be qualified to attend BIPA Program, the applicant must graduate from High School level or equivalent, shown by their Diploma.

Participating universities

Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta

Universitas Katolik Atmajaya, Jakarta

Udayana University, Bali

Free BIPA at Undana

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