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Shantanu comes from a strong background in Social Innovation and Impact and currently heads the strategy and integration efforts of Ashoka’s Search and Selection of Fellows in Asia. As well as this, Shantanu is involved in the core team as a leader in identifying the leading, systems-changing social entrepreneurs in South Asia and selecting them to the flagship Ashoka Fellowship network. Based in Bangalore India, Shantanu first came to India in December 2015 as an IDEX Global Accelerator Fellow, an immersive six-month program for early stage career professionals for individuals with strong credentials and interest in social innovation. Shantanu subsequently went on to serve on the Board of Alumni advisors for IDEX in 2016. Shantanu also is involved with various other organizations such as the Asia-Europe Foundation, where he is representing Australia as a young leader in bringing forward the voices of youth to policymakers on issues such as youth unemployment and ethical leadership.

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