Rose Vassel New Colombo Scholar’s first impressions of Taiwan

  In 2014 Taiwan entered the Australian Government’s New Colombo Scholarship program. Asia Options is delighted to invite Rose Vassel to shed light on her experience as the first Taiwan Fellow. In June of this year, I escaped a bitterly … Read More

GIS Taiwan

Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan (GIS Taiwan)

The GIS Taiwan is organised by students from the National Taiwan University (NTU), Taiwan’s highest ranked university. The symposium hopes to gather together youth leaders from around the world to discuss and debate current events and to put forward their … Read More

Why you should come to Taiwan to launch your start-up

  As Asia Options has previously written- with our piece on 6 reasons to get involved with startups in Asia– there are a plethora of opportunities to get involved in start-ups in Asia. As Asia is increasingly becoming the economic and … Read More

Tips from an Australian student studying in Taiwan and Mainland China

As a part of my degree program at the Australian National University, I was given an incredible opportunity to study in a Mandarin-speaking country for one academic year, and in return, I received a Graduate Diploma of Asia-Pacific Studies. The … Read More