Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) – How to Get Involved

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The Australia Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) is an independent youth-led organisation with a vision to connect young Indonesians and Australians to each other and Australia-Indonesia related opportunities.

AIYA has active chapters in every Australian state and territory and maintains a strong presence in Jakarta, West Java, Yogyakarta, and Eastern Indonesia. The growing and widespread AIYA chapters provide unique peer to peer support and contact for young people in Indonesia or Australia.

With a mission to connect, inform, and inspire young Australians and Indonesians by advancing education and culture through increased youth engagement, AIYA works towards building greater youth engagement from Australian and Indonesian governments, businesses and other organisations. People-to-people connections like these are also significant for improving the overall long-term bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Australia.

With a passion for knowledge, cultures, and languages, AIYA chapters run a variety of events with social, educational and professional focusses. From light activities such as movie screenings, history and culture exchange trivia nights to debate nights and academic panel discussions.

Some of the chapters also organise signature events, such as Yogyakarta with their sports competitions, Jakarta with their regular gatherings to avoid the capital’s famous traffic jams, and all chapters with their Basa-Basi panel discussions inviting Australia-Indonesia experts to connect and inform AIYA youth.

Moreover, AIYA has a growing online community with regular content full of events, resources, and opportunities through our newsletter AIYA Links, blog contents, and social media.

Becoming a member of AIYA with only $10/year contribution fees, you can enjoy all the benefits, including discounted entry fees at local chapter events, exclusive deals from partners, free online Indonesian-English language program hosted by UniBRIDGE, and many more!

To get involved with Australia-Indonesia events and meet like-minded students and young professionals, please contact AIYA’s local chapters nearest you here


AIYA offers volunteering and job opportunities to students interested in contributing to the Indonesia space. Keep a look out for new opportunities here.

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Nick Metherall

Indonesia Country Coordinator
Nick is a student at La Trobe University. He is currently conducting field work in rural and remote parts of Eastern Indonesia.

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