A Scholarship in a Haystack | A Shortlist of Chinese University Search Engines and Program Aggregators


With over 2,900 universities, hundreds of specialised programs and seemingly limitless permutations therein, finding the right program and scholarship in China can be a daunting task.

To help streamline your efforts and tailor your search, we’ve curated a shortlist of university search engines and program aggregator designed specifically for this purpose:

CampusChina – The Chinese Scholarship Council

CampusChina.org is the English-language version of the Chinese Scholarship Council’s official website. In addition to up-to-date information on studying in China, general information on China and an alumni portal, CampusChina.org allows prospective students to search for programs and scholarships in China with such parameters as: your country, your area of interest and level of study, language of instruction, university and province, and even the scholarship amount.

CampusChina search engine for universities, programs and scholarships

Once you’ve narrowed-down your options, you can conveniently submit a scholarship application directly through their website.

CUCAS – China’s University and College Application System

The CUCAS database boasts over 300 universities, 20,000 courses and 4,000 scholarships and allows you to refine your search according to your preference of program, university and level of study.

CUCAS search engine

CUCAS also offers several paid services to assist with your move to China, including everything from airport pick-ups to money transfers and visa applications. While we haven’t tested these services and therefore can’t vouch for them, the program and scholarship search engine is certainly one of the best.


While the ChinaAdmissions selection of scholarship programs is more limited than those of CampusChina and CUCAS, ChinaAdmissions presents you with an at-a-glance view of the duration, tuition fee and application deadlines for each of their 2,000 programs.

ChinaAdmissions offers summaries of each program

This feature is a considerable time-saver, and each program’s individualised profile will tell you more about the fees, accommodation options and visa arrangements specific involved. Unlike CampusChina, a direct application through the ChinaAdmissions website will incur a fee.

A word of caution: the information found via these websites may differ from that found on a program’s official site. As such, it is essential to consult a university’s official website before applying.

Indeed, the sheer scale of universities, programs and scholarships may at first appear daunting to a prospective student. But in all of this, be excitedly reassured that there myriad options for you in China – you just have to find the right one!I

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