Australians are blessed with a wide variety of scholarships to study in Asia and Victorians in particular are spoilt by both the Hamer Scholarship and Water Mangold Trust Study Abroad Scholarship programs. Unlike the Hamer Scholarship which is geared more towards young professionals, the Walter Mangold offers undergraduate students an equally generous amount of funding to pursue language studies in Asia. The other bonus of applying for a Walter Mangold scholarship is that not as many know about it as other scholarships! Asia Options also recommends future applicants to emphasise how they can promote recognition of the importance of studying foreign languages back in Australia through this scholarship. It is therefore to consider developing a blog or social media promotion to document your study overseas and share this with your community back in Australia.


About The Walter Mangold Trust Study Abroad Scholarships

The Walter Mangold Trust Fund was established in 2005 to honour the life and work of the late Walter Mangold (1892-1983) who believed that greater understanding and tolerance between the peoples of the world, and consequently a lessening of conflict, could be achieved through the study of other languages and cultures.


Study Abroad Scholarships

The Walter Mangold Trust Fund Study Abroad Scholarships are offered to Australian tertiary students (currently resident and enrolled in Victoria) who go abroad to study in one of the four designated languages full time at an approved overseas institution, for a period of between three months (minimum enrolment) and one year.

The designated Study Abroad Scholarship languages are Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish.


Who are the Study Abroad Scholarships appropriate for?

The Mangold Study Abroad Scholarships are most relevant to proficient second or third year language students of Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese or Spanish, who plan to study abroad or go ‘on exchange’ as part of an accredited undergraduate degree program. Honours students may also apply.

It is a pre-requisite for the scholarships that applicants must have satisfied the requirements for second-year language proficiency (or above) in an academic stream of their designated language before they depart Australia.

It’s a much more open-ended scholarship (than other scholarships), in that students create a budget for themselves (as well as providing their own destination, program, length of time, and study plan) which is then approved by a committee. I’d recommend that students create a realistic budget then do their best to show how study abroad would benefit their language skills. This scholarship seems relatively less well-known in Victoria, but it’s an absolutely fantastic opportunity.

Aiden Dullard, Walter Mangold Recipient


Languages and ‘global’ programs

The Mangold Trust scholarships are intended primarily to support immersive and intensive language study in IndonesianChineseJapanese or Spanish. However, related cultural and inter-disciplinary courses which complement global academic programs may also be combined with a study of Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese or Spanish, provided that the applicant meets the pre-requisite standard of proficiency in the language, and the overseas programs are delivered in the designated language.


Choice of destination

To meet the objective of linguistic and cultural immersion expressed in the Trust Deed, it is expected that students will choose to go to a destination county where the language they wish to study is the first or ‘official’ language of that country; and also the principle language of instruction in their proposed academic program. (This provision should be noted particularly by students of Spanish.)

Asia Options has also discovered Taiwan is an option for learning Chinese!


Amount of scholarship

The amount of each scholarship ranges from around $5,000 up to a maximum of $20,000. The amount offered will depend on the duration of the enrolment overseas and reasonable travel and living costs in the destination country. Applicants are required to prepare a budget estimate for their study abroad program proposal, which they acquit in their return.



Walter Mangold Study Abroad Scholarships are available to applicants who:

  • Are Australian citizens or Permanent Residents;
  • Are currently resident in the state of Victoria;
  • Are currently enrolled full-time in an award course at a tertiary institute in Victoria;
  • Have already reached, or expect to achieve second-year language level proficiency in a language stream by the time they propose to travel abroad;
  • Intend to apply for enrolment (or have been accepted into) an accredited full-time program of study in Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese or Spanish language at an overseas tertiary institution acceptable to the Trust.


2016 Applications

The scholarship Guidelines and Application Form for Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese or Spanish language program enrolments overseas, will open later in 2015.

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