The Pusan National University Winter School provides foreign students with an enriched cultural and educational experience for two and half weeks. The program consists of a series of lectures covering subjects on Korea and various activities including a ski trip, a temple stay and etc. The Program runs from January 19th (Mon) – February 4th (Wed), 2015.


Course Information

The course is mainly comprised of two parts. The lecture part will introduce the arts and culture of Korea from the prehistoric period to modern times. Significant examples of paintings, ceramics, sculptures and metalworks will be examined in their historic and cultural contexts. In addition, the cultural heritage of Busan will be explored in detail. The cultural activities part is geared to offer students a chance to satisfy their cultural curiosity about Korea by participating in activities concerning the most traditional to the most contemporary Korean culture.



1st week 9:00-12:00 Campus Tour Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture Temple Stay
13:00-16:00 Lecture Korean Language Class(2 hours) Taekwondo Korean Language Class (2 hours) Free Time
2nd week 9:00-12:00 Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture Free Time Ski Trip
13:00-16:00 K-Pop Dance Korean Language Class (2 hours) Making Korean Food Korean Language Class (2 hours) FieldTrip
3rd week All Day Long SkiTrip Farewell Ceremony


– Dormitory Check-in: Jan. 17-18,2015
– Dormitory Check-out: Feb. 4-5, 2015


Cultural Activities

Sky Trip (2 nights & 3 days)
Students will enjoy a ski trip at one of the most popular ski resorts in Korea: High 1 Ski Resort.
Located in one of the most pristine regions of Gangwon-do, the Resort offers 18 fantastic slopes. This package trip includes everything from transportation, ski equipment rental, ski wear rental, unlimited lift usage, accommodation, ski lessons, insurance, night skiing, and to some meals for 3 days.

Temple Stay (1 night & 2 days)
Students will have a unique opportunity to learn and experience Korean Buddhist culture at the Beomosa Temple. Built in 678, Beomosa is one of the oldest and largest temples in Korea. The program features chanting services, 108 prostrations, Dado (tea ceremony), and has a strong emphasis on Seon Meditation.

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art and an Olympic sport. It is an art of self-defense that uses hand and feet movements. Students will learn the basic movements and forms of this traditional martial art, while wearing the Taekwondo uniform (called dobok).

K-Pop Dance
Want to learn famous dance moves of Girls’ Generation, EXO and other K-pop stars? Students will have a chance to understand the contemporary Korean culture and learn dance moves of popular K-pop singers that will make K-pop enthusiasts jealous.

Making Korean Food
The popularity of Korean food is rising throughout the world. Students will have the chance to cook traditional Korean dishes and experience Korean culinary delights.

UN Memorial Cemetery
Students will visit the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Busan, the only one of its kind in the world. There rest the brave soldiers from a number of UN nations, who sacrificed their lives for world peace and freedom.

Busan Museum
Further to lectures in classroom, students will have a chance to visit the Busan Museum where students can see the remains and relics showing the history and culture of Busan from the prehistoric times to the present age are exhibited.

Wearing Hanbok
Hanbok, a type of traditional Korean clothing, is now only worn during national holidays or weddings. The beauty of hanbok is in its clean, artistic lines and its vibrant colors. Students will understand traditional Korean fashion and sentiment by wearing the traditional garments.


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