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The 2015 China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP) Summit unites 100 young innovators from China with 100 young innovators from Australia for a 5 day innovation incubator within Vivid Ideas Festival, with additional networking and industry-related activities.

The 200-strong group will be tasked with providing fresh perspectives and developing new projects which address problems that are common to both countries. In the process, delegates will also make friends and develop relationships between peers of emerging leaders and creative thinkers from the two nations.

CAMP 2015 Summit will culminate in a pitch for a grant to implement the project with the most potential. The summit is a world first for cross cultural soft diplomacy, positioning Australia as a cultural creative innovator.

The China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP) develops networks and cultivates opportunities for Australian innovators and businesses to reach Chinese markets and for Chinese participants to expand engagement with Australia.

The CAMP program consists of 3 months incubation online plus 5 days in Sydney.
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For more information, get in contact at [email protected] or +61 0424 404 772.

All media enquiries call +61 0424 404 772 or +86 132 61407730 (Chinese)



When will I know if my application is successful?

We will announce all successful applicants on February 19th. Due to the large number of applicants, we may not be able to send individual emails to unsuccessful applicants.


How will my application be assessed?

Our team will screen applications for conformity with our key criteria and general awesomeness. Shortlisted applications will be reviewed by a panel of industry experts..


My work does not fit in any of your ‘think tank’ categories, can I still apply?

CAMP identified twenty key areas of focus for the coming decades. Try to identify one closest to your core interests.


I think I fit in multiple categories, should I send a separate application for each?

You can select up to three ‘think tanks’ that you would like to take part in – please send just one application.


I’m not quite sure I’m experienced enough, should I apply?

You should – self-doubt is a key indication of intelligence and leadership. Wait a minute – are you aged 18-35? Then yes.


I’m in the age-bracket now, but I’m about to turn 36 – can I still apply? 

Are you a leading innovator in your field, and are you committed to building a successful Australia-China relationship? Then please apply.


Does my work have to specifically focus on Australia-China relationships to be eligible?

No, we’re looking for people who are generally great in their field, and have an interest in building stronger Australia-China relationships.


Is there a fee to attend CAMP?

CAMP charges a one-off fee of $1888 (corporate fee) or $888 (scholarship fee) to successful delegates. You will not be charged if your application is not successful.

Fees are fully inclusive of GST (Australian tax), and include airfares and accomodation.

We also offer a number of full scholarships for applicants who can demonstrate need.


Does CAMP cover my accommodation and travel expenses?

CAMP offers different levels of scholarships based on individual circumstances.


I am unsure what my schedule will be in June. If I’m accepted for CAMP, can I pull out?

Once you accepted the delegation and the fee has been paid, CAMP Will provide no refund. But if you’re unsure now, you can still apply, and decide after the selection process – maybe by early February, your schedule will be clearer then.


I’m experiencing a technical problem with the application system, what should I do?

Turn on the computer. OK, if that didn’t solve it, send us a line at [email protected] – the more details you give us, the more help we can give you.


I don’t speak Chinese, can I still join CAMP?



Do I have to be an Australian or Chinese citizen to join CAMP?

We will accept citizens of other countries who can demonstrate a particular commitment to building the Australia-China relationship.


If I am a Chinese citizen residing or studying in Australia, am I eligible to join CAMP?

Certainly! And please send the form along to your awesome friends.


What if I’m an Australian citizen residing or studying in China?

Same as above!


Who else is coming to the party?

Check out some of the leading delegates – young innovators from Australia and China we’ve already pre-selected for CAMP.



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