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Jane grew up in a rural town called Toogoolawah. Always fascinated with the image of Asia, she dreamed of an exotic world beyond paddocks and dusty roads of her hometown. Jane went to Bali with her family in 1998 on her first trip overseas and was immediately spell-bound. Upon her return, Jane borrowed the unused Indonesian text books from her school library and determinedly studied the language by herself for a year. In 2000 she entered Griffith University and formally enrolled in the Indonesian program. Afterwards, Jane explored other parts of Asia and eventually found a job in the public service. Her Indonesian fantasy gradually faded into the past; however, becoming fed up with the limitations of the public service, Jane drifted back towards Indonesia. In 2011, Jane enrolled in the Darmasiswa program and began to construct a second life as a student of Balinese dance. Jane managed to reconnect with Indonesia through dance and is now doing her PhD in Indonesian studies, focusing on the role of women in Indonesia’s democratisation.

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